Help Forget

This command deals with forgetting stats.  To ignore skills/spells in various
practice and spellup lists, see '
help forgetskill'.

Syntax: forget <stat>

There is a maximum number of stats, based on level and number of tiers,
that a character can gain. Sometimes you will hit your max stats and then
wish you had trained other stats instead. 

For completely rebuilding your stats, you can use the rebuild command (see
help rebuild'). If you just want to reduce one stat by a few sessions to
allow to you to train a different stat, you can use the '
forget' command to
reduce a stat by one. Using 'forget' does NOT reduce your rebuild trains.

forget hp' (or mana or moves) will cause you to forget a single point in
those stats. This is mostly useful when, for example, your max is 1000 hp
and you have 993; you can forget the last 3 points and then train to 1000.

NOTE: When you 'forget' a stat, you will not gain lucky bonuses in that
stat at level/powerup until your next remort, rebuild or retier.