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Help Eqsearch

Syntax:  eqsearch <item>            : Searches eq against carried item.
        eqsearch <wear-loc/group>  : Searches eq for given wear-location.
        eqsearch all              : Lists best option for all eq slots.
        autoeq                    : Turn off notifications.
The '
eqsearch' command can be used to help you find better equipment for
your level. Typing '
eqsearch all' will check each of your wear locations
to see if there is a better item on the searchable list for your level.

To see all items for a particular wear location, use the syntax '
<wear loc>
'. You can also compare an item in your inventory to items on
the searchable item list using '
eqsearch <item>'.  When searching all
items for a single wear location you can also use '
eqsearch <location>
<min points>' to only list items with at least that many points.

The scoring used in '
eqsearch' is based on your compare settings. You
can allocate different weights to each stat to customize the scoring based 
on your preferences. See '
help compare' for more information on this.

The list of items used by '
eqsearch' is a small set of all game items and
is mostly open clan equipment along with a small number of game-load
items. There may be better items available such as quest equipment or goal 
rewards. Exploration is definitely worth while to find better items, but
the eqsearch command is a great tool to help keep your equipment generally 
up to date.

You will only see items on '
eqsearch all' that you can use right now, so
the list of items may change as you gain levels. You will (by default) 
receive a notification when you level if there are items that are on this 
list that are better than what you are currently wearing. To toggle this 
notification off or back on, type '

This command does not check items currently in inventory- see '
compare' for information on how to check equipment against items carried
in inventory. Eqsearch will display (Invis) next to an item if it is an 
invisible item, but
be sure to use a detect invis potion or spell when
looking at the shops, as the item will not be displayed unless you can see

When using the wear location syntax to search for items, you can also use
special wear location names such as "
ears", "wrists", "fingers", "weapon"
and "
neck". These wear location names cover slots where you can wear 
more than one of each type of item and will show both worn items.
To find potions and other magical items, see '
help potsearch'

The Aardwiki has a player maintained page of eqsearch items here: