Help Drop

Syntax: drop <object>                  : Drops an item.
        drop <amount> coins            : Drops gold.
        get <object>                    : Picks up an item.
        get <object> <container>        : Retrieves an item from a container.
        rget <object> (<container>)    : Retrieves object in room.
        give <object> <character>      : Gives an item to another.
        give <object> self              : Reorganize item order in inventory.
        give <amount> coins <character> : Gives a character gold.
        put <object> <container>        : Places an item into a container.

drop' will drop an object, or coins, to the ground.  You may substitute
coins' for 'gold'; both arguments act the same way.

WARNING! Dropping items on the ground is never 100% safe- do so at your own
risk, or find another method for important items.  See 'help reimburse'.

get' will retrieve an item, or gold, from the ground, a container, or a 
corpse. The synonym '
take' works exactly the same way.

rget' works in the same manner as 'get', but will target items in the room
first, rather than what's in your inventory.  For example, '
rget item bag'
with a bag in inventory and one on the ground will get the item from the
bag on the ground.

give' will give an object to another player or monster.  Items that are
kept (see '
help keep') cannot be given to monsters.  To give gold, use the
syntax '
give <amount> gold <player>'.

put' will put an item into a container.  It will try to put the object
into a container in inventory first, then into a container in the room.
It is not possible to put gold or other containers (unless the container
contents weigh 100% of their normal weight) into another container.

You may use '
<number>.keyword' to specify one particular item out of 
multiple items with the same keyword.  You may also use the syntax
all.<keyword>' to give, get, drop, or put all items with that keyword at
once.  For example, if you carry a long sword and two short swords, '
' will drop the first short sword.  'put all.sword bag' will put 
all three swords into a bag.