Help Delete

Syntax:  delete <password>  : Turns on (first) / confirms (second) delete.
        delete            : Turns delete mode off.

Delete is currently disabled. See 'help recreate' if you'd like to 
change all about your character aside from its name. See '
help archive'
if you are worried about leaving behind a character that you don't intend 
to use (unused, low level characters are eventually automatically 
archived). Policy on deletion and reason for the command being disabled can
be read below from announce board post dated 11/14/2008

We always had a policy that if you delete, you're done, end of story,
it cannot be reversed.
There were a couple of instances where people deleted then immediately
realized they screwed up and requested a restore, which was done. Then we 
had people who had deleted days/weeks/months earlier requesting the same 
and claiming favoritism when it was not done (and either unaware or 
forgetting that a couple of people who deleted and were not restored were 
on my friend list).
With hindsight, this was a mistake, and the screwup is all mine. So here's
"the new deal":
- Delete is disabled.

- If you really want to make a statement and screw up your char, use
  recreate instead.

- If you remember to recreate instead then you must really mean it. There
  will be no restores and there will be no exceptions.

- If you're having a bad day on the MUD and feel like deleting, just quit.
  If you can't resist the temptation to login and tell everyone you quit 
  it probably means you care about the game more than you want to admit. 
  If you can resist the temptation, then just do that. You have 
  "effectively deleted" without the drama and leave yourself the option 
  to return later on.


This command is NOT reversible.  If you wish to re-use your character name
with different stats/classes/etc., you may wish to recreate instead (see
help recreate').  If you wish to simply leave the game for a while, try
freeze instead (see '
help freeze').

Use the delete command to erase unwanted characters, so the name will be
available for use.  This command must be typed twice to delete a character,
and you cannot be forced to delete.  Typing delete with an argument will
return your character to 'safe' status if you change your mind after the
first delete. You must also enter your password when trying to delete your

A forced deletion is referred to as a nuke.  This occurs with blatant rule-
breakers (see '
help rules') and other repeat offenders.  Nuked characters
cannot be restored.  Take the hint, and act more responsibly in the future.
Repeat offenders may find themselves stuck with further measures to prevent
them from playing.