Help Commands

Syntax: commands


Typing '
commands' will show a list of commands available for use in the
game.  Not all commands may be accessible to all players.


Except in rare cases where a command can have a major impact on a character
and must be typed out in full, abbreviating commands will find the first
command matched in the commands list.  For example, typing '
s' will send the
command '
south' and 'sa' will send the command 'say', even though 'saffects'
comes first when sorted alphabetically.  Some commands also have aliases,
which are not listed in the commands list- '
sacrifice' is a valid command
but not on the commands list because it is an alias for '

If no command matches the entered text, the MUD will attempt to find a social
with the given string (see '
help socials').  Prefixing a command with * will
search for a social before a regular game command.

Any commands found in '
commands' will have a help file of some sort; simply
type '
help <command name>'.  If you do not see a help file, make sure the
command entered was not a social- type '
shelp <command>' and it will display
the output of a social if one exists.  If neither of these produce any sort
of result, please post a note on Typos board (see '
help note').