Help Classes

-[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]=--=[+]=--=[ AARDWOLF CLASSES ]=--=[+]=--=[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]-

Mage    : High powered spellcasting class. Many offensive spells but weak 
          in unarmed and weapon based combat.
Warrior  : Pure fighting machine. Warriors thrive on combat but cannot
          master the subtlety of thieves or the magical talents of mages.
Thief    : Masters of poison and treachery the thieves are a secretive class.
          The thieves' mastery of darker magics makes them a deadly enemy.
Ranger  : The protectors of the realm. Excellent fighters that can also draw 
          magical powers from the forces of nature.
Psi      : Mystical spellcasting class about which little is known. A
          psionicist's magical ability comes from within.
Paladin  : Noble warriors that pride honor and justice above all else. Skilled 
          in combat and holy magic but completely master neither.
Cleric  : Spellcasting class more based upon defensive and healing magics. 
          Combat skill more effective than mages but weaker combat spells. 

Choose your class wisely- it has to last you 200+ levels. You will be able
to add additional classes or change your class later in the game. You can 
use 'help [classname]' ('help mage' for example) for more information.