Help Auction

Type 'auction <item keyword>' to automatically auction an item with a 
starting bid of 100 gold.

More Syntax:

    auction <item> (<minbid>)
    auction set <level>
    auction sethigh <level>


Type '
auction <item>' to auction an item.
Type '
auction set <level>' and 'auction sethigh <level>' to filter which
      objects you will see announced on the auction channel.


This command is used to put a new item up for sale via Auction Inc(tm). The
minimum starting bid is 100 coins or an optional minimum bid amount put
after the item, whichever is higher.

Everyone who has the auction channel on (toggled with '
auction' by itself)
will be notified of new items for auction within a given range (see below).
Any player may type '
bid' at any time to see all items currently up for
auction.  Though players do not talk on the auction channel (use the barter
channel), you may use '
auction -h <lines>' to see a history of bids and
items on the channel.  See '
help channels' for more information on channel

You may change the range of items seen on auction announcements.  Use
auction set <number>' to see objects up to <number> levels below your
level.  This does not need to be re-set each level.  Similarly, you may
also use '
auction sethigh <number>' to see objects up to <number> levels
above your current level, up to '
auction sethigh 291' for all items. Level
0 and 1 objects are often special objects, and will always be seen,
regardless of level settings. "
Auction set 0" will remove the lower limit
and "
auction sethigh 0" will remove the upper limit. "Auction set" by 
itself will display your current limit settings.

Auction, inc., is not a charity.  The seller will be charged 10% of the
winning bid price as an auction tax, in addition to any clan taxes.  Tiers
receive a discount of 1% per tier off the auction tax.

If an item goes unsold on auction (e.g., there are no bidders), Auction,
Inc. reserves the right to confiscate the item.  You may avoid this by
bidding on the item yourself, but you will be charged an additional flat
10% fee on the winning bid for doing so.

In cases where you are selling special items or want something more long
term, check out our Aardwolf Marketplace (see 'help market').