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Long ago, in the beginning of time, Mannyn the High God swept his hand 
across his realm, creating two powerful people who were to live in harmony 
with one another the Elves and the Trolls were born. Mannyn had 2 sons, 
Aethoryn and the eldest, Gleon. Mannyn, after countless centuries of ruling 
his domain, began to tire.  He  wanted to move out and see the world. He 
finally decided it was time to leave, he placed the control of his lands in 
the hands of his two sons, and quietly left. It wasn't long before Gleon 
(being the Eldest) started to covet his brothers half, he felt that
succession should have fallen completely into his hands.  Gleon gathered 
the Trolls and formed them into an army, launching them against the elves. 
Aethoryn horrified by his brothers actions, quickly united the elvish tribes 
under one banner, and formed up for defense of the lands and cities.

War has raged for countless years, Mannyn finally returned to reclaim his 
kingdom, but instead, he found a battlefield, he visited his sons, and after 
asking them what had happened, they ignored him.  War continues to rage. 
Visit Adaldar and choose your side to put an end to this battle.

Level Range        : 150 to 180
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 180
Goal Converter      : Quadrapus
Area Author        : Blackheart

Area added July 26, 2008.

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