Emerald General Rule Class October 102009

Policy 1: Channel Rules


Policy 2: Multiplaying

Seasoned Justme asks 'Would anyone like to explain what Multiplaying is?'

Garenzo says 'When you have more than one character logged in at the same time, using either external software, multiple clients, any way to be playing more than one character simultaneously'

Seasoned Justme says 'very good.'

Seasoned Justme asks 'can you use another player to help you deliver items from one alt to another?'

Garenzo nods.

Seasoned Justme shakes her head.

ArchBishop Malcor says 'actually there have been cases of both imm's as welll as pc doing that here. Is very illegal and to my memory was a nukable offence.'

Seasoned Justme says 'nods. It is considered a multiplay offense to pass off items to one player to deliver to your alt. It is illegal and if caught can be a nukable offense.'

Undertaken Anaristos says 'I just wanted to say the the way to pay if one has an alt, is that the other charcters don't exist.' Undertaken Anaristos says 'play*'

Seasoned Justme says 'that is a very good way to go'

Lynnes asks 'i have never understood that rule, why should you not be able to transfer items, from one char that you dont play to one that you do?'

Seasoned Justme says 'its considered multiplay. Lets say I have an alt and my alt has 1000 tps on it.'

Lynnes says 'including such things as qps and tps'

Seasoned Justme says 'and I decide that my other character who is level 1 is cooler. So I transfer 1000 tps to that character'

Seasoned Justme says 'that character never played the game. Has a'

Seasoned Justme says 'sorry a hand up from no where. Is worth more than another level 1 player with out doing any work'

Seasoned Justme says 'say you are another level 1 player. we start at the same time.'

Seasoned Justme says 'that would not be fair at all.'

Seasoned Justme asks 'would a random stranger give you a 1000 tps?'

Seasoned Justme says 'no but at what point does it end.'

Undertaken Anaristos says 'each player (charecter) must earn what it has'

Seasoned Justme says 'you transfer one tp, one item, then you go back to the other when the one is "harder" to play and transfer everything to that one to make it easier, then when that gets hard transfer everything to the other, it just doesnt stop'

Marzian boggles 'just curious really - what does 'nukable' mean?!'

Seasoned Justme says 'nuke means we nuke your player - it is deleted completely. With some offenses we have even ip banned.'

Seasoned Justme says 'no goodbyes, no sorrys, just bam and out.'

Seasoned Justme says 'juli your up'

Juli says 'so we can have a storage alt i mean for the items'

Seasoned Justme says 'not at all'

Juli says 'for when you remort and want to keep the diff level items you have'

Seasoned Justme says 'if we find a storage alt, we can punish both players.'

Seasoned Justme says 'we have had one case of a storage alt and all three players were deleted.'

Seasoned Justme says 'malcor.'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'As per what I understood the way of multiplaying would have to be sold from main to another char, then sold

yet again to the alt char. with not a token lump sum of gold per what worth was based on first sale.'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'additionally on what was last said.'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'A mule can only exist moreso for clan purpose if main and alt have NO interaction.'

Seasoned Justme says 'no- no mules'

Seasoned Justme says 'players for the purpose of storage is still considered illegal.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Enchanters have isses with equipment... technically if an item they enchanted, gets to an alt of theirs,

via transfer of hands, it's very much illegal and punishable.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'If your main enchants a piece of equipment, if better not touch your alts hands, period...'

Lynnes says 'my point was that , example, i spend quite a bit of time on a char and find it dont work, start my next char, i did

spend the time getting the gold, items, qps etc'

Seasoned Justme says 'you did. On that character.'

Seasoned Justme says 'not on your next character. I spend quite a lot of time on justme but that does not effect what my alt

does. She does not get anything at all. '

Sanur says 'say you have two SH characters with two alts. What is the view of each of these characters giving the other alt items/gold etc...'

Sanur says 'i should clarify... there are two different physical players, each with 2 characters on the mud...'

Seasoned Justme asks 'so two superheros, two totally different people, each have two alts. Those alts are helping each other out?'

Sanur says 'Person A helps person B's alt, and Person B helps Person A's alt.'

Seasoned Justme says 'you can help out a player, as long as it is not your own.'

Seasoned Justme says 'now if player a drops all his eq for player b to pick up and give to player a's alt? illegal.'

Sanur says 'but what if person a just gives person'

Sanur says 'person a gives person b's alt a mil gold. Then B returns the favour to A's alt.'

Seasoned Justme says 'still technically illegal.'

Sanur says 'okay.'

OlO asks 'are you allowed to log dif players from two different locations? say one is sitting afk that you keep at home, can you

log into an alt from work while the other is still logged at home?'

Seasoned Justme says 'no illegal'

Seasoned Justme says 'oh and olo - that is trying to get around the rules, and may be dealt with even more harshly.'

Phalae asks 'Regarding mules, is it ok to have someone hold equipment when you remort?'

Phalae says 'Pieces that you have but upon remort you would be over-weight/over-item'

Seasoned Justme says 'sure. Someone can hold your eq while you mort. You have you the right to give your eq to anyone. '

Seasoned Justme says 'as long as it is not helping out another player of your own. If you want to do it its absolutely fine'

Leandren asks 'think I know but your main char can't help alt with Cr?'

Seasoned Justme says 'correct. no interaction at all.'

Seasoned Justme says 'also want to say that if you give someone your eq you do so at your own risk.'

Seasoned Justme says 'alessandrew'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'lemme get this straight, i can't create a char to store eq for other people that my main will never interact with?'

Seasoned Justme says 'no. '

Seasoned Justme says 'if you create a player say I create justmule'

Seasoned Justme says 'and I never touch her. I am never logged on with justmule I completely log out and log on separately, I

level separately and my friend gives me their eq to hold, that is what my friend chooses to do thats fine.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but justme has no interaction at all. They arent even online at the same time. I see no issue with that.'

Seasoned Justme asks 'is that clearer ales?'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'no =p'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'you said storage chars are illegal?'

Seasoned Justme says 'storage characters for self.'

Seasoned Justme says 'i should have clarified.'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'ok'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'i can create char to hold eq for you'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'and that is fine right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'but not for yourself, correct'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'thanks'

Undertaken Anaristos . o O ( and you must return the items to that char only )

Sir Dagonet asks 'So it is illegal if you have an enchanter alt who enchants a piece of eq for someone than that player gives it

to your reg character who has a different build to say reinforce and give back to them , that is illegal? It is that players eq

that never stays with either enchanter or alt. How can one track that eq to know they enchanted it?'

Seasoned Justme says 'your alt should use a different enchanter than your main'

Seasoned Justme says 'as far as tracking it, it does get complicated.'

Sir Dagonet says 'I am talking bout enchanting for other players say resonate than log on main who reinforces item for a player'

Seasoned Justme asks 'but if it is tracked on that slim chance, is it worth it?'

Seasoned Justme asks 'is that benefiting either alt in any way?'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Never, Dagonet.'

Sir Dagonet says 'k thanks'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'If one of your players enchants a piece of eq, it should never touch another player, that you own's, hands.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'regarding benefit or not'

Dekkath says 'To add to the previous point... I am guessing that you cannot give the person you are holding gear for the password

to that char... Will a synopsis of this be available for later reading? I have to go run some errands unfortunately.'

Seasoned Justme says 'no password sharing'

Seasoned Justme says 'no logging on to friends computer'

Seasoned Justme says 'and we are logging this and will post it probably on wiki'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'since i have control of it there :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'anaristos'

Undertaken Anaristos says 'I just to repeat what I said before, if you play in such a way that takes your alt into consideration,

you are multiplaying. That doesn't mean that you cannnot uses both of your alts to enchant an item for a 3rd player.'

Sanur says 'i just want to follow up on my last question.'

Sanur says 'for clarity let's suppose we have two players San, SanAlt, and Test, and TestAlt.'

Sanur says 'you said the following situation is illegal: San giving TestAlt a tp, and Test giving SanAlt a tp.'

Sanur asks 'right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok.'

Sanur says 'okay... so instead of the action of 'giving a tp', replace it with 'enchant eq for''

Sanur says 'or 'hold eq for''

Seasoned Justme says 'if san gives test a tp, is there any problem> no. If testalt gives san a tp, no problem, if test gives

sanalt a tp no problem'

Sanur asks 'but... in the situation i gave... is it legal, or illegal?'

Seasoned Justme says 'if you and another player work out a deal to "pass" itemsto your alt, problem. '

Sanur says 'right.'

Sanur says 'so...'

Sanur says 'San enchanting eq for TestAlt, and Test enchanting eq for SanAlt...'

Sanur asks 'that is a problem as well?'

Seasoned Justme says 'it should not be dependant on one doing something for an alt so therefore you do something for my alt'

Sanur says 'right'

Sanur says 'but implicitly i would argue...'

Seasoned Justme says 'as that balancing is technically compensating your own alt'

Seasoned Justme says 'however if the situations are separate there is no problem.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but balancing it as i did this for your alt you do this for mine, makes it compensating your own alt.'

Sanur says 'that having two mule characters in the clan acknowledges the existence of the two alts in a clan.'

Sanur says 'or say having two clan enchanters...'

Sanur says 'so that you can enchant each other's alt eq...'

Sanur chuckles 'thank you someone :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'several clans have more than one enchanter'

Seasoned Justme says 'or have members who may more than one character in their clan.'

Seasoned Justme says 'as long as the alts themselves do not interact nor interact through a third party it is ok'

Seasoned Justme says 'Malcor'

ArchBishop Malcor asks 'Statement as well as question. Multi log from different ip or computer is never ok. Is still always mplay.

At case an point, has there been ideas on tagging enchanting from mudside or immside, so mplayers could be identified more


Seasoned Justme says 'we can identify mp characters. At this time, I will not release how but that has been taken care of'

Astrella asks 'A case brought into my mind about the interaction, if person A enchanted one item and transfer to B, then B auction

that enchanted item and A alt got the highest bid, does it consider illegal?'

ArchBishop Malcor chuckles 'ty :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'not unless it was done with the intent to acknowledge or give to your alt.'

Astrella chuckles 'thanks for clarification. :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'just like if your dropped your eq and signed off. and had your alt run to that spot to get it? problem'

Pook says 'More of a statement, rather than rules lawyering. What happened to common sense? If you do something on an alt that

has direct benefit another alt, expect to be smacked.'

Seasoned Justme says 'Well, i think that is one of the reasons that talking about this stuff will stop people from seeing an imm


Rahjak asks 'I play through mxit and when i log on i get a msg bout mplayers yet i have no alts....whats that about? And when u

start raiding alts wil this negetively affet others who use mxit?'

Seasoned Justme says 'your ip comes across mxit as the same ip as all mxit'

Rahjak says 'and its rahjak lol :-D'

Seasoned Justme says 'you will always get multiplay message.'

Seasoned Justme says 'at this time, it is something we are working on.'

Seasoned Justme says 'lytebane'

Lytebane asks 'I heard it's OK for 2 people to play from the same connection, that the imms can differentiate that from multiplay,

is that correct?'

Rahjak asks 'so i wont get accidentily nuked?'

Seasoned Justme says 'yes we can. we do do multiplay tests'

Seasoned Justme says 'no accidental nuking you have to fail a few tests first'

Seasoned Justme says 'begoing'

Begoing says 'excuse me, what is "mxit" ? '

Seasoned Justme says 'mxit is playing from your phone '

Seasoned Justme says 'instead of from your pc'

Begoing says 'got it. '

Seasoned Justme says 'it is a program currently wild in several places, originated from south africa i believe.'

Policy 3: SEE BELOW

Seasoned Justme says 'i am going to skip 3 (personal attacks) because it falls into harassment and i am going to cover that after

general conduct'

Seasoned Justme says 'but we wont skip forever'

Policy 4: Kill Stealing

Seasoned Justme says 'Kill stealing. Rule states No kill-stealing/interfering in others' fights'

Seasoned Justme says 'questions about this'

XavierMagnus asks 'Does this include when someone pk's you while you are killing a mob?'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Correct.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'You should have the opportunity to get your stuff back, and finish killing the mob.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'If you know a player has started attacking a mob, regardless of the Wounded flag, the mob is off limits, at

least for a few minutes.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'and I mean minutes, as if you're at fault, it's your bad, not theirs for dying.'

LostStranger says 'what must you do if someone kills your mob you fighting...'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'You type 'who imm' and contact a visible Immortal. If no Immortal is available at that time, you're more

than welcome to post a note on Personal board to imm.'

Argetlam asks 'alright, so what i'm gathering is that if i'm attacked by a player during a gq and flee or die, they can't kill the

mob i was fighting when they attacked me?'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'That is correct, regardless of their quest mob, gquesttarget, cp mob, etc. the mob is off limits.'

Seasoned Justme says 'i will also say that wounding a mob to alter a gq is also illegal'

Argetlam says 'alright'

Sanur says 'if no imms are around when a killsteal incident occurs, we should note the imms right.'

Seasoned Justme leers 'yes please ;)'

Sanur asks 'what information would you like included in the note, and can we expect to get a reply?'

Sanur says 'i've sent a note in the past and never got a reply.'

Seasoned Justme says 'as much information as possible. '

Seasoned Justme says 'as far as reply, when someone posts a note to imm we flag it - one imm handles the note.'

Seasoned Justme says 'so basically, if you post a note and i flag it, i am essentially stating that i ll be taking care of it.'

Seasoned Justme says 'While I do post a note back I might not tell you all the details.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it depends on what information I have onhand to work with.'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Wanted to elaborate on one point...'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'If you are killing several mobs in a single room, and you are killed or wounded to the point of fleeing,

transported, etc. from the room, the player can only claim 1 mob, regardless of wounded flags.'

Seasoned Justme says 'if my note says player a killed all my mobs. its a lot harder to follow up on .. details help a ton'

Seasoned Justme says 'I will say that we probably arent as diligent about posting notes back and as imms, would should be much

better about it. I will also note the imms as such.'

Phalae says 'Ok, in a gq, if there is a mob that pops in a room - say that three pop each time'

Phalae asks 'if there are two left and each are gq mobs, and both are wounded, and it's not the last item for anyone to win, then


Lieutenant Sagen asks 'I kind of just explained that?'

Phalae says 'i didnt realize it was also for gqs'

Phalae says 'thanks'

Seasoned Justme says 'miphut'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Regardless of gq's, quests, cp's, etc.'

Miphut asks 'What is the policy about a player killing all the extra mobs for a certain mob during a gq to keep others from

completing it and removing fair play?'

Seasoned Justme says 'illegal'

Miphut says 'I have been noticing that in my level range quite a bit.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is in help gq rules i believe,'

Lieutenant Sagen chuckles 'Please report it, we can't watch every room in the game at once:)'

Seasoned Justme says 'garenzo'

Garenzo asks 'Just making sure I'm following everything so far (kinda getting tired, drinking a soda right now I'll be

fine :) ), a few things: we're talking about kill stealing on CP GQ etc still, right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'kill stealing is killstealing regarless of cp gq ect'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'sorry regardless :)'

Garenzo asks 'right right but we're still on that topic yes?'

Seasoned Justme says 'yes we are.'

Garenzo says 'alright, kinda forget if this was covered, but I have a question, throwing in a personal experience too'

Garenzo says 'couple days ago someone was on a campaign, I was killing mobs in memorial hospital, someone needed a mob for their

campaign, asked me to leave it alone, but I didn't notice their tell and killed it anyway. Afterwards I apologized and said I'd

keep an eye out for it.....'

Garenzo asks 'what about accidents like that, how would those be covered understealing?'

Seasoned Justme says 'we call that consideration :) it is not kill stealing.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but it is nice to ask people may i please kill this mob for my cp.'

Seasoned Justme says 'common courtesy goes a long way in the world'

Seasoned Justme says 'alixana'

Garenzo says 'alright, told them I'd tell them when repop hit, so I figured I was doing as much as I could to pay them back while

they did their other mobs'

Garenzo says 'thanks'

Alixana asks 'So, if I'm in the gq that's going I can't kill the extra mobs to slow others down? Or is it just having a friend go

killing them who's not in the gq illegal?'

Seasoned Justme says 'as a gq you cannot manipulate mobs or purposely circumvent the win'

Seasoned Justme says 'loststranger'

LostStranger says 'what if you doing a quest... And you in a rush because you have two minutes left and you only need two quest

points for your next item and finally you enter the room the mob is in... And someone else is fighting but because you in a

push you don't notice it... And you accidently kill the mob... What can happen to you...? '

Deadly Alessandrew exclaims 'you die!'

Seasoned Justme asks 'so you are trying to kill a mob that is already fighting someone else?'

Seasoned Justme asks 'or someone in the room is fighting another mob and you are killing another one?'

LostStranger says 'yes but you don't notice that someone is fighting it... In other words it was an accident...'

Seasoned Justme says 'i dont think you can kill an already engaged mob.'

Handy Domain says 'you can't'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Accidents do happen, we are all human.'

Seasoned Justme says 'taeryn'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'We don't expect players to be perfect, and warnings are given. But please don't take that to your


Taeryn asks 'It was said that wounding a mob is illegal, but what about when multiple mobs on a gquest that are agro, you kill one

of them, and the subsequent round, you wound the next one but you recall out. I don't want to screw other players, but I can't

help but hit it regardless. Is that illegal to leave it half dead with no intent to finish it?'

Seasoned Justme says 'no.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is going to happen.'

Seasoned Justme says 'that is entirely different than sticking your knife in every mob in the area to leave them all wounded.'

Seasoned Justme says 'domain'

Seasoned Justme says 'folks everyone is going to have accidents and make mistakes.'

Handy Domain asks 'so it's illegal to stick every mob in the area?'

Seasoned Justme says 'i will also jump in and say common courtesy is a huge step in when you make a mistake.'

Seasoned Justme says 'leaving wounded targets to circumvent a gq is illegal'

Seasoned Justme says 'however if there are a bunch of aggros attacking you, we will see that too .'

Seasoned Justme says 'Vanion'

Runtur Vanion says 'so. it is also illegal even for stealing keys off mobs and leaving mobs alive thus reqiureing the next person

to kill and wait for repop this is also as you delicately put ... manipulate mobs or purposely circumvents the win.. or is it

strategy? '

Runtur Vanion says 'i dont gq really'Runtur Vanion chuckles 'but i see it a lot when i pk hunt :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'double checking but I believe that is part of the spirit of gq in gq rules'

Runtur Vanion asks 'so allowed then ?'

Runtur Vanion asks 'ppl call it strategy? and really illegal ?'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok.'

Seasoned Justme says 'hang on a sec'

Seasoned Justme says 'alessandrew is your question related to this'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'yes'

Seasoned Justme leers 'go ahead then as I am checking a few rule calls on it ;)'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'it is allowed and considered 'strategy' but its not a nice thing to do.'

Alixana says 'so then killing extra mobs is also legal/'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'depends on how you do it'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'if i steal a key that i need from a mob that i need, and leave it, thats fine'

Seasoned Justme says 'technically rules say mob manipulation. So I think this is one that we probably need a bit of


Seasoned Justme says 'but that is a key you need.'

Seasoned Justme says 'not all the keys in the area to circumvent'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'if i already have a key, and swing back to steal it so that you can't use it on the other hand'

Seasoned Justme says 'according to policies6 - The only exception to this teamwork is global quests. Winning a gquest is an

individual accomplishment and aid on global quests has a negative impact on the other participants. It is illegal to have others

repeatedly kill a gquest mob you have already killed, kill key mobs, attack a gquest mob and remove weapons, etc. Other

rules pertaining to campaigns/gquests are given in 'help cp rules' and 'help gq rules'. Win these by your own merit- don't have

others do the dirty work for you.'

Seasoned Justme says 'to be fair -'

Seasoned Justme says 'this does say kill key mobs not steal from them.'

Alixana says 'that is also talking about other people, not the person in the gq'

Seasoned Justme says 'I will get clarification and post the answer on misc this week.'

Seasoned Justme says 'I agree.'

Lieutenant Sagen asks 'However, a key mob is only relevant because it has a key, necessary for the player to be successful in the


Deadly Alessandrew says 'key mobs aren't directly related to the gq though'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'e.g. you can get keys before hand'

Lieutenant Sagen says 'Correct, but killing key mobs, is in policies6'

Alixana says 'thats all about other people, not the person in the gq'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'friends doing it'

Seasoned Justme leers 'i am getting a ton of tells on this one. ;)'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok.'

Seasoned Justme says 'right now I dont have a good answer.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but it does need clarification.'

Seasoned Justme says 'and I will post the answer.'

Seasoned Justme says 'I am fairly sure based on what I am hearing if it is a rule, its been a long ignored one.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but that also doesnt make it right. I ll find out.'

Seasoned Justme says 'go ahead phalae.'

Phalae asks 'what about keys that are commonly left on the ground in areas? if the key is there, does it have to be left?'

Seasoned Justme says 'i would say no.'

Phalae chuckles 'thanks:)'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok moving on -'

Policy 5: Bug Abuse

Seasoned Justme asks 'was exploiting bugs for personal gain. Are we ok with this one?'

Seasoned Justme says 'going once'

Seasoned Justme says 'twice'

Seasoned Justme says 'and next'

Policy 6: No Powerleveling or Helping Others Quest

Seasoned Justme says 'No powerlevelling or helping others quest. Following somebody around and aiding them without grouping is

illegal. (See 'help policies6'.)'

Seasoned Justme says 'darkgrey'

Darkgrey says 'i was just going to say i didnt even know pleveling is illegal on here..'

Darkgrey says 'i havnt done it but im glad you said something'

Seasoned Justme says 'kk juli'

Juli says 'i had this trouble when i was cping'

Juli says 'got into some weird place in stting and they had to come and help me out'

Juli says 'so thats not illegal right'

Seasoned Justme says 'that is fine'

Seasoned Justme says 'loststranger'

LostStranger asks 'what is pleveling?'

Seasoned Justme says 'basically? lets say you get a SH spellup. and you can only play spelled up. You cant maneuver through the

game without assistance. You have a friend who does not but follows you around spelling you up all day long.'

Seasoned Justme says 'powerleveling'

Seasoned Justme says 'airuk'

Airuk asks 'So getting dragged from 185-200 wouldn't count as pleveling because that's within the 15 level range?'

Seasoned Justme says 'correct'

Seasoned Justme says 'but doing that from t0-t9 would be an issue.'

Policy 7: Botting

Seasoned Justme says 'next is botting! You play the game, not a script. Gaining anything while AFK (gold,items, experience) is not

allowed. (See 'help policies7'.)'

Seasoned Justme asks 'botting is bad. Questions about botting?'

Seasoned Justme says 'alixana'

Alixana asks 'you can script to get skills/spells to 100%, right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'i think the rules were changed on that.'

Seasoned Justme says 'if you read help policies7'

Seasoned Justme says 'The view on practicing skills/spells has changed and does not constitute botting to simply practice these to

100%. However, the following rules must also be followed regarding this practice:

  • You cannot be casting the spells on anyone but yourself. * Do not spam a

    room or the MUD (via says, dying due to casting combat spells on self,

    or using a public non-silentspell room). * You may not profit from or retain

    items made/enhanced via enchantment or creation spells (e.g., selling/using

    hallowed lights or spiritual armor). * Do not prevent others from playing

    the game (fighting an immune mob which is a quest/campaign/gquest mob for

    another player)'

Seasoned Justme says 'quad'

Quadrapus asks 'It's illegal to bot brewing and scribing, right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is.'

Seasoned Justme says 'however it is something we have debated about. currently the rule is it is illegal'

Seasoned Justme says 'ivru'

Ivru asks 'My question was about the previous rule, not helping others quest. Is it OK to tell someone how to reach a quest

target including tell them an AQ solution while they have the Quest flag show up in their title?'

Seasoned Justme says 'technically you are helping them with an aq solution.'

Seasoned Justme says 'not leading them to a mob.'

Seasoned Justme says 'so depending on situation I would mostly say fine.'

Seasoned Justme says 'malcor'

ArchBishop Malcor asks 'One thing I didn't see in policies7 was afk leveling. Ie being drug bye another when not at kb without afk.

Just want a) claification b) as that I understand is illegal as heck as well as nikable offence. Tjhis is correct right?'

Seasoned Justme says 'you cant gain exp while afk anymore'

Seasoned Justme says 'the code was changed to circumvent that.'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'why I stated afk without flag JM.'

Seasoned Justme says 'but if you are away from the keyboard gaining experience it is botting'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'sorry :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'anytime you gain anything without being at the keyboard it is botting.'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'was more meant for the nweer players to explain different things not to do.'

Seasoned Justme says 'airuk'

Airuk asks 'One of the examples in policies7 has to do with a trigger that heals you and then you go AFK in a room with

aggressive mobs. What makes that behavior a 'bot' is the going AFK in the mob room and not the trigger that heals you, correct?

In other words, a trigger that heals you at some hp % would be ok as long as its used while I'm at the keyboard?'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok out help botting'

Seasoned Justme says 'botting is * Heal when HP drops to given percent/value and let aggressive mobs attack.'

Seasoned Justme says 'vanion'

Runtur Vanion says 'i think this minor allowance/rule on allowing you skill your spells and skills to 100% while afk is a slippery

slope... how is ok to gain skills and spells and not ok to brew or scribe, they both have gains directly and indirectly'

Seasoned Justme says 'but it is a slope you choose to slide on'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'some people have grats bots that social people etc e.g. when superheroing. i find that highly annoying

can it be made illegal?'

Seasoned Justme says 'tempting, but post to ideas and lets see where it goes.'

Policy 8: Privacy Policy

Seasoned Justme says 'ok 8 Except for commands involving your password, anything has the potential (however unlikely) to be

logged. (See 'help policies8').'

Seasoned Justme asks 'questions about this?'

Seasoned Justme says 'rahjak'

Seasoned Justme says 'i spelled it right this time'

Rahjak says 'what if u are approached by a player to join a clan and the player advises u to write a note to the clan leaders that

contains personal info? '

Seasoned Justme says 'i would suppose it would depend on how much you want to join that clan. '

Lieutenant Sagen asks 'What kind of personal info was asked of you?'

Seasoned Justme says 'I feel like AOL here - dont just give out your password and sensitive info to anyone.'

Seasoned Justme leers 'if you are unsure, talk to an imm ;)'

Seasoned Justme says 'moving forward'

Policy 9: No Spamming

Seasoned Justme says 'Do not spam commands, especially on channels. (See 'help spam'.)'

Seasoned Justme says 'questions'

Seasoned Justme says 'fantasticc'

Seasoned Justme says 'moving forward'

Policy 10: No helping others evade imm-imposed rules and punishments

Seasoned Justme says '10) Do not help others evade the rules or imm-imposed punishments.'

Seasoned Justme says 'questions'

Seasoned Justme says 'moving forward'

Policy 11: No Advertising other MUDs

Seasoned Justme says '11) Do not advertise other MUDs on Aardwolf. '

Seasoned Justme asks 'questions about advertising other muds?'

Seasoned Justme says 'go alessandrew'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'muds only or games in general?'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'muds. Otherwise i would ban all football talk :)'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'oh come on, that was all gclan was on sundays :)'

Seasoned Justme says 'probably should have other games but basically muds. If something is on the line, let us know. While

sometimes someone mentions WoW normally they flip into how they hate it or they pay within a few statements'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'i guess it's advertise vs talk about anyway'

Policy 12: Raiding Rules

Seasoned Justme says 'second to last main rule is raiding.'

Seasoned Justme says 'other than issues currently on bugs, ideas or raiding board, or anything that is pk v. nopk, does anyone have

any questions.'

Seasoned Justme says 'alessandrew'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'fake raiding doesn't seem to be punished. is it a punishable offence and if so what is the punishment'

Seasoned Justme asks 'fake raiding meaning forming a raid party and not going through with it?'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'forming party, targeting a clan, and not going through with it'

Seasoned Justme asks 'therefore giving them grace?'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'rhabado basically'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'i don't mean forming and not targeting'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is my understanding that it is illegal, warnings are typically given first, and it doesnt happen often'

Seasoned Justme says 'but I will also say that I dont remember anyone ever reporting one to me.'

Seasoned Justme says 'so i ll add that to my things i need to check out list with the key manipulation and get back to you.'

Seasoned Justme says 'as raiding most certainly is not my strong point.'

Seasoned Justme says 'quad'

Seasoned Justme says 'sanur'

Sanur says 'I would say in response to Aless that surely in the end it is the intent that matters.'

Sanur says 'it seems unfair to limit experimentation to people who are in the know...'

Sanur asks 'otherwise how would people who don't know anything gain more knowledge independently?'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'i mean in circumstance where 1 person alone starts a raid and targets, and its only them'

Sanur says 'as long as the intention was not to give grace...'

Seasoned Justme says 'its hard to prove intention tho.'

Seasoned Justme says 'i ll get a harder answer and report'

Seasoned Justme says 'malcor'

ArchBishop Malcor says 'as per what I remember from v1 aless that rule actually from Aeolis raiding single handenly and actually

breeching. Thus as what has been stated hard to prove intent.'

Seasoned Justme says 'okies'

Seasoned Justme says 'i dont know back history, i dont remember it being an issue, i ll get back to you on it.'

Seasoned Justme says 'rahjak'

Rahjak asks 'whats the rule on trying to lure low lvl players into a maze to gain maze kills?'

Seasoned Justme says 'illegal'

Seasoned Justme says 'please report the issue if it happens'

Policy 3: Harassment

Seasoned Justme says 'last major topic is harassment. and rule 3 No personal attacks. Keep arguments out of public forums. Take

care of what you can on your own, but continued harassment will get the Imms involved. (See 'help policies3''

Seasoned Justme says 'it is a big enough issue i moved it to the end and have posted a mudinfo note over it.'

Seasoned Justme says 'first off your first step is to use ignore command, if someone violates ignore get an imm involved.'

Seasoned Justme says 'lets take questions'

Seasoned Justme says 'alessandrew'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'violating ignore so e.g. writing them personal notes?'

Seasoned Justme says 'if someone has you on ignore you should not write them notes, send them tells, use a third party to send

them tells, send them flowers, do a restore for them or anything. You are to not speak to them at all. in any way.'

Seasoned Justme chuckles 'they are alerting you that they do not want to talk to you :)'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'it doesn't give a message though =p'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'but nod, thx =p'

Seasoned Justme says 'good point i ll note that on my list, probably should give a message so you dont keep doing it'

Seasoned Justme says 'go ahead alessandrew'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'what about constantly setwanting ppl'

Seasoned Justme says 'lasher is currently reviewing this.'

Seasoned Justme says 'right now, i dont have a good answer'

Seasoned Justme says 'but the entire setwanted thing is being reviewed.'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'is it considered harrassment to constantly raid someone?'

Seasoned Justme leers 'i ll keep you posted ;)'

Seasoned Justme says 'not really. Thats why there are timers.'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'pk?'

Seasoned Justme says 'And I think most clans will tell you to suck up it and take it'

Seasoned Justme says 'again, not that i am aware of. Unless the person has you on ignore and its your way of showing your love'

Seasoned Justme asks 'any more questions?'

Seasoned Justme says 'trollemite'

King Trollemite says 'while, i understand why you said that.. but what about the other situation where the person who has ignored

you attempts to pk you as well.. it seems counter intuitive to me to have that rule as you stated it'

Seasoned Justme says 'if one personal has another on ignore, there should be relatively no interaction between them'

Seasoned Justme says 'both parties should respect the ignore.'


Seasoned Justme says 'i would think so.'

Deadly Alessandrew says 'sweet =)'

Seasoned Justme says 'if you report it I would of talked to him.'

Seasoned Justme says 'and warn him'

Seasoned Justme says 'that its against the rules.'

Seasoned Justme says 'ignore is the first step in avoiding harassment'

Seasoned Justme says 'if you report harassment and someone isnt on your ignorelist it is harder for me to get around it'

Seasoned Justme says 'dagonet'

Sir Dagonet says 'but isn't that part of the game, you go into a pk room you are fair game as it is your choice to go into that

said pk room'

Seasoned Justme says 'yes.'

Sir Dagonet says 'how can that be harrasement'

Seasoned Justme says 'but at the same time, if someone has you on ignore or if you have someone else on ignore you arent suppose to

be interacting with that player at all'

Seasoned Justme says 'because it could be seen as circumventing the ignore rule.'

Sir Dagonet says 'so I can set every member of every clan hostile to Emerald and never be pked again, sweet'

Seasoned Justme says 'no'

Seasoned Justme says 'thats hostile'

Seasoned Justme says 'not ignore'

Sir Dagonet says 'I meant to say put them on ignore'

Seasoned Justme says 'you can only ignore 10 people tops'

Seasoned Justme says 'tyebald'

Tyebald says 'I take it 'ignore' can't be used as a weapon....like, say, setting your competition in a gq on your ignore list,

and then removing them after the gq.'

Seasoned Justme says 'ok'

Seasoned Justme says 'lets back'

Seasoned Justme says 'sorry almost cursed'

Seasoned Justme says 'back up'

Seasoned Justme says 'ignore is to be taken seriously.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is not to get out of pks,gqs, cps, whatever'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is not a golden rule'

Tyebald says 'good.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is not something you should rotate with people that are currently your level to avoid pk'

Seasoned Justme says 'it should be used fairly sparingly.'

Seasoned Justme says 'and in extreme situations.'

Seasoned Justme says 'i will give an example with no names.'

Seasoned Justme says 'player A was personally involved with player B in real life and they made that persons life hell'

Seasoned Justme says 'and Player A breaks up with Player B and Player B comes on the mud and spends all day every day stirring up

channels against player A'

Seasoned Justme says 'Player A puts that person on ignore.'

Seasoned Justme says 'Player B then send flowers, notes, has other players send them tells.'

Seasoned Justme says 'thats a violation of harassment and ignore'

Seasoned Justme says 'ignore is not a strategy to be used.'

Seasoned Justme says 'it is a tool to ignore players you dont want to interact with for any reason'

Seasoned Justme asks 'clearer?'

Seasoned Justme says 'harassment is very very touchy. Everyones personal feelings are wound up too tight and they feel highly

offended by stuff.'

Seasoned Justme says 'what you may think is minor is a big deal to others.'


Seasoned Justme asks 'any other questions?'

Seasoned Justme says 'final note from your imm team is this'

Seasoned Justme says 'If you have a question ask us. No one has ever gotten in

trouble for asking a question. If there is a question we will figure it out.

No I havent been an imm since v1 and no i dont know every time that so and so

told on so so and to do such and such but we do listen and we do follow up'

Seasoned Justme says 'go dagonet'

Sir Dagonet asks 'What is the responsibility of clan members and/or leaders

when they realize or made aware that a fellow member is breaking some policy

or rule?'

Seasoned Justme says 'leaders should report to imm if they feel a player is

breaking a rule. '

Seasoned Justme says 'I would also guess most clan rules are more stringent

than ours'

Seasoned Justme asks 'ok last round of questions for anyone? about anything?'

Seasoned Justme says 'imms are available for classes for any clan'

Seasoned Justme says 'feel free to request us'

Seasoned Justme says 'we are a hit of any party'

Sir Dagonet says 'I would like thank everyone for coming and especially thank

JustMe and Sagen for doing this'

Deadly Alessandrew asks 'when next do imm apps open, and what do you guys look for?'

Seasoned Justme says 'imm apps opens at lashers will.'

Seasoned Justme says 'and it varies.'

Sir Dagonet says 'lets give them a big round of applause'