Help Policies 9

Help Policies9

Raiding and PK offer the largest variety of strategies to use against your
opponents.  This also means there is a possibility that a strategy may not
be legal.  As new policies are deemed illegal, they will be added to this
policy list.

Just because this help file does not state something explicitly as illegal,
does not make it legal.  If something sounds shady, consult an Imm.  If none
are available, assume it is illegal until you are told otherwise; it is
likely the same strategy may apply again in the future.

* Imms will not perform clan upgrades during a raid. If a problem exists in
  the maze the usual policy will be to void the raid, pardon the raiders,
  fix the problem, and then remove the raided clan's grace period. If a
  problem occurs after the maze itself has been breached, the same policy
  is recommended, but leaving the grace in place so the clan may have time
  to request upgrades to their maze.
If an immortal deems that a problem
  can be fixed quickly, they may, at their discretion, correct the error
  and allow the raid to continue.
For example, if there is a one-way exit
  in the main hall that should be two-way, or if a shopkeeper is flagged
  incorrectly, the problem can be fixed quickly without scrapping the whole

* A request to fix an illegal maze or object must be done within 7 days of
  request by an Immortal.  Failure to do so will result in a portal added
  from the buffer room to clan recall until the issue is resolved.

* Dropping items in a room with keywords that interfere with a room-based
  portal is illegal.  Interference is judged at Imm discretion, but 3-4
  letter equivalence with the room portal can be considered interfering.

* Any method to circumvent game mechanics related to raiding (preemptively
  removing a timer, bypassing raider/defender/buy limits, circumventing rot
  timers, etc.) should be considered a bug, and is subject to regular bug
  abuse rules.