Help Policies 8

Help Policies8

The information below is intended to give you insight into what data may 
be collected while playing Aardwolf and its intended use:

Depending how you connect to Aardwolf MUD, and your actions while 
connected, various information may be collected from you. Aardwolf will 
make good faith and reasonable efforts to keep this information secure, 
but ultimately there is no guarantee of privacy in any of your actions 
on Aardwolf.

Information that may be Collected:

* While registering with our service you may provide personal 
  information such as email addresses. This information will not be 
  disclosed to any third parties or marketing partners other than in 
  response to verified legal requests. (See the section on 'law 
  enforcement requests').

  We may email you game information and newsletters from time to time, 
  but those emails will always be directly from us to you.

* During the course of playing Aardwolf MUD, you will connect from at 
  least one IP address, possibly more. This information is recorded in our 
  log files for game administration purposes only.

* For security or troubleshooting reasons, a number of commands on 
  Aardwolf are logged to disk. Failed commands are also logged to help 
  identify typos and "missing" commands that most confuse people. The mud 
  "logs" are kept indefinitely. 

  The list of logged commands changes based on game activity. For example, 
  after a reboot in which new commands may have been added or existing   
  commands changed, those commands are usually logged for however long it 
  takes to determine there are no issues.

  For the purposes of this privacy policy,
assume that all of your
commands, including channel usage, are logged.

* While playing Aardwolf, you may have conversations with other 
  players, both in public and in private. We have no control over how 
  other players use this information or where they may repost it- 
  generally speaking, you should never say anything in an Aardwolf note, 
  tell or channel that you would not want to become public. 

Law Enforcement Requests:

Aardwolf will release your information in response to law enforcement 
officers investigating a crime, without being legally compelled to do so. 

We will verify, to the best of our ability, that law enforcement requests 
are genuine and relevant to a case at hand, but will not require that law 
enforcement receive a court order or similar before releasing information.

Aardwolf will not release your information to lawyers or other parties
involved in civil cases without being legally compelled to do so.

Expectations of Privacy:

At any point during the normal operation of the game, ALL commands, 
specific commands, ALL channels, or specific channels may be monitored by 
one or more of the administrators and/or logged to disk. This will always 
be either because there is a problem with the game that is being 
investigated, or because one or more players have their actions logged due 
to suspected cheating or harassment of other players.

Because of this, you should assume
no expectation of privacy while 
playing Aardwolf. For example, if player X has been reported for harassing 
other users, their communications may be logged. If you exchange tells 
with player "X", or take part in a conversation on a private channel with 
player "X", the part of your own communication is also logged.

What this all means - the English version:

It sounds worse than it is. We don't make a habit of logging you because 
we feel like it or 'snooping' on players. We don't read your personal 
notes and we don't watch your spouse channel just in case you say 
something juicy. We're not making your IP address public and we're not 
sending your email address to spammers.

However, because it is possible to snoop a character, or log a character, 
the legal policy has to be "assume no privacy". It is simple and clean 
that way.

There was a bug once where friend talk channels got crossed over. There 
was another bug once where (for a few minutes) players could see other 
player's IP addresses if they knew what to type.

There could be another bug in the future where personal notes stop working 
and become public. Unlikely, but it could happen. As with all online 
communication, the best rule of thumb really is "do not post anything on 
Aardwolf you would not want to become public information"

If you have any questions on our privacy policy, please contact: