Help Policies 6

Help Policies6

There is a 15-level limit on grouping for xp gain in order to prevent low-
level people with high-level friends from having huge advantages over true
new players. Methods of aiding other players without grouping are illegal,
as they ignore this limit.  Staying in level range of a friend to group
and fight together is one thing; having that friend be 150 levels higher
than you is quite another.

Wounding a mob and then fleeing to let someone else kill it is illegal,
regardless of the levels involved- whether for experience, an item on the
mob, or just to keep someone else from killing it. 

Though the intent of these rules is to focus on individual effort, it does
not mean you can't receive any assistance whatsoever.  Getting aid from a
higher-level friend via spells or clearing some aggressive monsters once in
a while to help get to a quest or campaign target is fine. Following someone
around constantly and "power leveling" them through campaigns and quests is
not. Doing a campaign or quest with someone in your own level range you
group with anyway is fine. Use common sense.

The only exception to this teamwork is global quests.  Winning a gquest is
an individual accomplishment and aid on global quests has a negative impact
on the other participants.  It is illegal to have others repeatedly kill a
gquest mob you have already killed, kill key mobs, attack a gquest mob and
remove weapons, etc.  Other rules pertaining to campaigns/gquests are given
in 'help cp rules' and 'help gq rules'. Win these by your own merit- don't
have others do the work for you.