Help Policies 5

Help Policies5

If you find something that seems abnormal- whether it's a mob's damage for
its level range (attacks dealing too much damage, mobs too weak, etc), a
way to get around a coded game limit, or any other way to get ahead easily
without effort- it's likely a bug.  Post a note on the Bugs board, then do
not use it.  If you're not sure whether or not something is a bug, ask an

If you are caught knowingly abusing a bug, you can and should expect the
worst.  An obvious abuse of a bug can include loss of the character abusing
the bug (see the bottom paragraph of 'help delete'), or worse.

People who turn a blind eye to others breaking the rules will be treated
just as harshly.  The rules are here to make the mud fair for all, and we
can only assure it to be so through your help.  If you think somebody
might be doing something illegal, tell an imm or post a note on Personal
board to us, and we will look into it.  Note, however, that just because
you assume someone is doing something suspicious, it does not mean that 
this is always the case!