Help Policies 3

Help Policies3

We simply ask for people to follow basic standards of civil conduct on
public forums, including boards, channels, and populated areas.  We would
prefer that players act in a mature fashion under their own free will, but
if an argument reaches the point where it spills over into public places
and is spoiling everyone's enjoyment of the mud, we will become involved,
provided players have made an effort to resolve it themselves first.

Sexual harassment of any kind is not acceptable.

Everyone has the right to play Aardwolf anonymously. Sharing a player's
personal information (or 'doxxing them') such as their address or phone
number or real name is not allowed. There is no place on Aardwolf where
it is OK to do this and that does include "private" channels or notes. 

If you have a problem with somebody, we ask that you just try to avoid
contact with them.  Taking an argument to tells might help, but harassment
can be private just as well as public.  If somebody asks you to stop doing
something, generally, the best advice is to stop.

The 'ignore' command exists precisely to help deal with this situation,
so please use it before you ask for Immortal intervention.  This will stop
you from seeing tells from the ignored player, as well as seeing them on

Use some common sense- if you can avoid the situation via your own methods,
do so.  More often than not, you will find they stop harassing you when
you stop giving them your attention.  If someone has you on ignore, leave
them alone.  Posting personal notes or creating alts to get around ignore
will not be tolerated by either party.

These policies do not extend beyond the realm of Aardwolf and its servers;
opinions on external locations (e.g., player/clan web pages. etc.) are not
policed by the Immortal staff.