Hello New Adventurer, and Welcome to Aardwolf!

This guide will serve you as a quick reference to the information and the
starting tips for new Aardwolf players. First, we strongly recommend going
through our state of the art academy. Feel free to explore it a bit before
enlisting. If you choose not to go through the Academy, you are welcome
to do so at anytime - the classes are not level locked.

Many experienced Aardwolf players devote their time to aiding those new to
the game. Helpers and advisors are available to you until the level of 51
or 200 hours on newbie channel. Simply type 'newbie message' to access
helpers, advisors, and other players.

Aardwolf has extensive help files built into the game. Typing help <topic>
will bring up help files that you may be interested in. Still can't find
what you are looking for? Try typing help search <topic> for a list of
helpfiles that have that key word in it.

Useful helpfiles for new players:

Help academy-faq *A Quick Index academy related helpfiles.

Help quest *Useful commands about the pesky questor!

Help mobdeaths *Looking for things to kill? Read this!

Help goal solving *Stuck on a goal? This might help!

Help runto *Find your way around! No more running speedwalks!

Help find *The easiest way to find shops in Aylor.

Help subclass *More details on Aardwolf's subclasses.

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Page Two

A few other things for you to consider.

The beauty in Aardwolf is that you can play however you want to play. We
typically suggest questing every thirty minutes, but if you find a quest
that is extremely challenging, it's perfectly fine to fail it. Take a
[[campaign]] to learn about other areas that may appeal to you. If you like
goals, there are plenty to do... start off with an easier one (Amusement
Park, Orchard) and work yourself up to the more challenging ones.

As far as stats go... common perception when first starting is to train
all your stats until they start costing more than one train. After that
focus on the primary stats for your class. It is not recommended to use
your trains for hitpoints, mana or moves - check out [[help maxstats]] -
until you have fully trained all your other stats at a hero level.

Equipment is always tricky. Our helper/advisor team recommends looking at
two websites:
1) - is a player-run equipment database but some
of it can be outdated or wrong as it is player-run.
2) - shows only clan gear, which can be rather
expensive. It is worth noting that many clans have invisible gear, so be
sure you can see invis before going shopping.
Other helpful websites can be found in [[help www]]. 

You have taken the first step in a long journey with Aardwolf and we
welcome you. Please feel free to ask any helper, advisor, or immortal for
additional information. We are here to guide you throughout your

Welcome home.

Help Newhelp

                          [Hello, New Adventurer!]

This help file is meant to give you some general information about creating
a new character.

When you first enter the game, you will be at the steps of the Aylorian
Academy, carrying some basic equipment and a newbie guide. The guide is
useful to give information such as...

  - The location of each class guild.
  - The locations of some good areas to start in.
  - Some nice equipment you might hope to pick up along the way.
  - Some general advice and important help files.
  - Channels that default to off that you might wish to turn on.

More detailed information will be given to you while in the Academy, which
is highly recommended even for experienced players new to Aardwolf. Simply
head '
north' to get there. If you are not greeted by the Academy recruiter,
type '
recall' and then 'up' and 'north' to make sure you are at the Academy

New players also have access to '
newbietalk'; simply type 'newbie <message>'
to talk on this channel. It is monitored by Helpers and Advisors, players 
that know Aardwolf particularly well and are especially willing to answer 
questions. If you need advice or don't understand a part of the game, feel 
free to ask on this channel and someone should be able to assist you.

Good luck, adventurer. If you have what it takes, we will look forward to
greeting you on the immtalk channel!