The Abyssal Caverns Of Sahuagi

 The Abyssal Caverns of Sahuagin  (Level 140-160) (Lock 100) (Creators: Daithi & Caoili)



For centuries, there have been rumors of a vast city found in the lower
depths of the ocean inhabited by a cruel and brutal race known as the
Sahuagin. These monstrous sea devils will often attack and capture merchants
or sailors traveling on the seas between the continents of Aardwolf. There
are stories here and there of a rare case of a survivor escaping the cold,
wet cells of the Sahuagin. The dark whispers of endless days of torture,
cannibalism, and captives being fed alive to sharks cause you to shiver with
revulsion. The Sahuagin have a particular hatred towards the peaceful
aquatic elves that also inhabit the oceans. In a recent skirmish between the
elves and the Sahuagin, the Elvish king was captured and dragged down to the
underwater lairs. His fate is unknown, but it is suspected that he is still
being kept alive for entertainment purposes. Hundreds of elves have died
while raiding the dark meandering caverns, desperately searching for their
king. But, time is running out if the stories of brutal torture are true.
The elves are in dire need of help.

             Area Level Range    : 140 to 160
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : 160
             Goal Minimum Level  : 150
             Goal Maximum Level  : 165

Area added August 23, 2008.



Runto Sahuagin

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