Seven Wonders

 Level Range         : 100 to 120  (Lock 70) 
 Area Author         : Zendalonii
 Repop Message       : Rain crashes down. Winds howl. Life returns to the Wonders.



The Museum of Seven Wonders is a magical place that lets you experience all these wonders in one place- from the Great Pyramids of Giza to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Come explore the museum and all of its splendor.

However, in spite of offering all of these wonderful exhibits, deep budget cuts have hit the staff. A helpful hostess has noticed you visit the Museum quite often, and wonders if you could help them out. Will you help out at the Museum?

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 120
 Goal Converter      : Domain


Please Note - You must have or be a warrior class to complete the goal.


Runto Seven

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