Rokugan The Shadowlands

This page is deprecated. See Nenukon and the Far Country

 Rokugan the Shadowlands  (Level 70-90) (Lock 50) (Creator: SonRokito)



 Gain acceptance into a clan of the Rokugan. (Designer: Lumina)

Beyond the vast wastelands that are the Shadowlands, the clans of Rokugan
gather in their camps, planning their next move against the evil army of

Ye Ronins, warriors without daimyo, return to your home, and find a place
once again amongst your people.

             Level Range         : 70 to 100
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : 100


This area was replaced by Nenukon and the Far Country on Sept 13, 2010.


Runto Rokugan

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