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2018.09.23. - Superhero stats and other changes.
2018.07.22. - Three new goals, another clan merge.
2018.03.31. - Clan merge and other changes.
2018.02.11. - Accessibility Feature and Bonus Items
2018.01.14. - Game load equipment enhancements.
2017.11.18. - Winds of Fate Epic Area
2017.04.10. - Cleric Subclass Merge
2017.02.12. - Inquisitor / Avenger Merge
2017.01.29. - Server Move, Info Redo
2016.10.24. - Open PK Mode.
2016.09.25. - Game Update - Sep 25th 2016
2016.09.25. - SH stats save over remort.
2016.09.11. - Sept 11th 2016 Update.
2016.01.17. - Genie's Last Wish / Titan's Keep
2016.01.09. - Keyring Feature / Afterglow Area
2015.12.19. - Radiance Woods / Disenchanting.
2015.10.21. - Vaults and TPenchant
2015.10.12. - Saves Equipment Upgrade
2015.08.23. - Imagi's Nation Area.
2015.07.25. - Global Quest Rewrite
2015.07.25. - Dusk Valley Area, T3 Hardcore, Other
2015.06.12. - Spamreduce and other new changes.
2015.06.12. - Hardcore PK Mode
2015.05.30. - Icefall Epic Area
2015.05.23. - Practice Raiding / Test Mazes
2015.05.22. - Kobold Siege Camp
2015.05.03. - T9 TNL reduction, other changes.
2015.04.19. - Oceanpark and Infamy Goals, Other Changes.
2015.02.22. - Three new goals, practice full option, healtype.
2014.11.09. - Warrior Enhancements + Other Changes
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Superhero stats and other changes.
Superhero stats and other changes.Several changes in the MUD including simplification of the "superhero stats" mechanic / auto rebuild at superhero.
Three new goals, another clan merge.
Three new goals, another clan merge.Three new goals including one special "raiding" goal. Cabal merged into Loqui. Multiple other changes.
Clan merge and other changes.
Clan merge and other changes.Dominion clan merged into Retribution. Miscellaneous other changes.
Accessibility Feature and Bonus Items
Accessibility Feature and Bonus ItemsAccessibility enhancements and a number of tweaks to the recent bonus item enhancements. Also better control over looting.
Game load equipment enhancements.
Game load equipment enhancements.New system that will randomly (but intelligently) add stats to game load items with potentially very rare but very powerful items.
Winds of Fate Epic Area
Winds of Fate Epic AreaNew epic area called Winds of Fate. New level 201 area called Crossroads of Fortune. New quest (goal) in Realms of the Zodiac.
Cleric Subclass Merge
Cleric Subclass MergeMerged Priest and Martyr Subclasses. Two new Cleric skills. Channel timeout options. Lots of other changes.
Inquisitor / Avenger Merge
Inquisitor / Avenger MergeMerge of Inquisitor subclass onto Avenger. New Avenger ability called 'Holy Reprisal'.
Server Move, Info Redo
Server Move, Info RedoServer Move, information channel redo, class change cost reduction, lots of other changes.