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Lua Object Progs Enhancements - Test port.

August 03, 2008 Author: Lasher Category: Development Comments Off

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to give more detail on the background of things that will never be announced on the live port because they are “behind the scenes”. This post covers some changes to the Lua integration. If you’re not interested in the building / Lua side of the MUD, skip this post.

New Lua MUD function: getobj
The function ‘getobj’ works similar to getmob/getroom and can search in a room, on a character or inside another item. Full syntax with examples can be seen at:

Getobj Lua Function Documentation / Examples

New Object Properties available in Lua:

Property Description
obj.aname Returns the object name with A/AN/THE on the front of the object name removed, but with color codes intact. Useful for constructing messages containing the object name without running into problems such as “The a long sword glows brightly.”
obj.room ROOM var if the item is in a room or NIL.
obj.char CH var if the item is on a character, or NIL.
obj.inside OBJ var if the item is in a container, or NIL.
obj.root The top level container if the item is insider another container. Returns a copy of itself if not in a container.
obj.loctype Used to check the type of location an item is in. See below for list of values.

obj.loctype returns one of :

Value Description
OBJ_LOC_PLAYER Object is on a player
OBJ_LOC_MOB Object is on a mob
OBJ_LOC_ROOM Object is in a room.
OBJ_LOC_CONTAINER Object is in a container.
OBJ_LOC_NOWHERE Object is nowhere (auction or bug)

New Lua Object Trigger Type: Expire
There is a new object trigger type : ‘expire’. If an item has a timer, any Lua scripts attached to an expire trigger will be executed just before the item is removed from the game.

Most of these changes were added to make use of the expire trigger type. You need to be able to know where an item is when it expires to decide what to do. You might want an item to damage everyone in the room or blow up a door to the north (open it) when it expires, but need to know if it is actually in a room first. Another item may have an expire script that does something to a player holding it - before proceeding you need to be able to make sure the item is actually being carried by someone.

To see the infamous exploding pie triggers and how simple they are, check out the bottom of:

Lua MUD Object Prog Documentation

Please note that rawDamage is not yet tested or documented and should not be used until announced.

Lua Object Progs - First pass.

July 30, 2008 Author: Lasher Category: Development Comments Off

Short post because most of the content is elsewhere. A basic test version of object progs in Lua is now on the test port. Full details are on the Lua coding page : Lua MUD object progs

With this type of trigger now in place, it makes sense to revisit room progs and command blocking to add the new types of prog.