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Subclass skill changes, Other updates.

September 25, 2016 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

In addition to the stats saving across each remort, a number of other changes were added to the game today:

  • When you superhero loud, you will now be given 200 additional trains.
  • Channel history size for global channels such as gossip, auction, etc is now 200 lines, was previously 100.
  • There is now an ‘invsort weight’ option that will show inventory sorted in descending order of weight. Works on a container, for example, ‘invsort weight bag’. Also works with ‘vault sort’ and ‘keyring sort’.
  • When viewing inventory, keyring will now always show even if it has no items on it. Always showing it is best way to inform / remind people that the feature exists at all.
  • The change mentioned to Hammerswing last reboot is now in - no change at all to Hammerswing when solo. When using Hammerswing in a group, you will only hit targets you are directly in combat with, which means that either you are targeting them or they are targeting you.
  • Elemental Ward has changed a little - you have to specify one elemental damage type (air, earth, fire or water) when you cast it, but the protection for that one type has doubled. There is no output to the room when you cast this - others will not know what type of ward you have used.
  • Elemental Ward and the Elemental Focus focus spells can now be cast at the same time and no longer have a recovery time. They can also both be cast during combat.

I’m going to improve the syntax on these so elemental ward remembers the last type you gave is so it will work better from ’spellup’ then do the same with the focus spells. Don’t want this to hold up the reboot though so it will be in next reboot.

  • The ‘Precision’ skill no longer has a cooldown. The effect of precision is already stat based so having a cooldown also based on stats makes less sense now than it must have whenever I wrote the skill.
  • When you are in character creation mode after tiering, you will no longer be asked your MUD experience level.
  • There was an older bug where you could wear an item with a skill bonus before you have the skill then remove it after you gained the skill and would end up with a negative bonus. Good example was the Rudolph Nose (+6 to toxic cloud) worn before level 175 then removed after level 175. Should be fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug with quest appraise showing incorrect stats for bag at level 201 as a tier.
  • Fixed a bug with new tierpins not showing in owned.

Stats now saved across every remort.

September 25, 2016 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Major change to save stats across every remort:

  • The way stats are stored across remorts and tiers has changed. Whenever you remort, *all* of your current stats will be saved. When you reach level 201 on your next remort, those stats will be restored. If you do not have a free rebuild at the time you superhero, you will be given one. This is not a +1, if you already have one then you don’t get another.
  • The goal of this change is to allow someone to do some powerups at level 201, maybe experience a superhero group run or two, and not have those trains or stats be wasted. It will break up the grind rather than having to immediately remort as soon as you hit level 201, or have time spent at SH wasted. It also gives the option to save base stats rather than hp, mana or moves across tiers. If you have saved stats, the ’stats saved’ command can be used to display them.

The next few paragraphs get really into the details and get quite complex. If you don’t understand all this, the basics are that stats are saved across remorts and, when you reach level 201, whichever is higher of your current *total* stats vs your saved *total* stats is restored. It’s hard to mess up unless you remort at level 201, put all your trains into hp/mana/moves then leave yourself with no stats when you reach level 201 next time around - don’t do that!

  • To get into some more of the details, your trains on hand and practices on hand are also restored so there is no way to “double spend” your trains by rebuilding at level 200. The only exception to this is that any trains on hand at the time you superhero that are instinct eligible (previously unspent / not from a rebuild) will get added to the restored trains on hand.
  • Because trains on hand are stored across remorts, the ‘auto instinct deposit at remort / tier’ is no longer necessary and has been removed. If you try to remort with rebuild trains on hand (cannot be saved) then the game will advise you to spend them on stats instead.
  • There is a ‘norestore’ option to superhero that also requires the ‘confirm’ option to be added. Taking the norestore option will mean that your previous stats will NOT be restored and will be overwritten by your current stats when you remort. This is irreversible, there will be no manual pfile edits because someone did not pay attention. The main purpose for this existing at all is if your current stats are close to the stored stats and, for whatever reason, you prefer the current stats.
  • When you superhero, if the total cost of your current stat (in trains) is higher than the total cost of your stored stats, the game will warn you that you might want to consider taking the norestore option to keep your current stats, then will require the ‘confirm’ option either way. This is based on current training costs including wishstats / tierstats.
  • Because I had to calculate these anyway I figured might as well make them visible in a command, so the ‘train totals’ command will show the total train cost from your base stats to your current stats based on current training costs. If you have saved stats, it also shows the same for your saved stats. This is useful to help you decide which set of stats to keep.
  • If you are a tier with previously saved hp/mana/moves or on a t9 redo, those stats will restore the next time you reach SH and from that point on you will be under this new system.

Game Update - Sept 11th 2016

September 11, 2016 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Game updates made on 11th September 2016:

  • Double experience from someone doing superhero loud is now 15 minutes rather than 10 minutes.
  • There is no longer a minimum level 15 requirement to join a clan. The original reason for this many years ago was to stop “casual alts” from stacking up the numbers but level 15 is just a matter or minutes for anyone who knows the game well and the rule keeps out longer term characters chose to stay low level for whatever reason.
  • Two changes to quest timers - when you fail a quest because you run out of time, you can immediately quest again. As Tyebald mentioned, you’ve already waited more than 30 minutes now that quest durations are longer. If you “fail” a quest because you accidentally quit / get disconnected then it will be considered a regular 15 minute quest fail rather than adding a full 30 minutes.
  • When you use a staff, you will only hit targets that are directly in combat with you (you are hitting them or they are hitting you), or valid targets not fighting anyone. The lag on staffs is back to the normal one combat round.
    The reason lag was increased on staffs originally was massive damage being done in large groups with everyone using staffs and, in large groups, getting hundreds of spells cast per round. This change fixes that without the penalty for solo users and smaller groups that the increased lag created. Advance Warning: This same change is going to be made to Hammerswing once it is tested out live.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos previously reported. Not going to list every one but if you posted something that never got addressed it was missed.
  • Fixed a bug in ‘quit check’ causing color bleed on some nosave magic items.
  • Help search and showing helps that don’t display a header will now show tags when ‘help tags’ are on.
  • Wimpy is no longer reset when you remort / retier if you didn’t actually have a wimpy value set.
  • The skills Poultice, Lay Hands and Treat Wounds will now show the amount healed if you don’t have ‘nohealamt’ config option on. (Redryn) Lay hands also now has a message when you are already fully healed.

Titan’s Keep / Genie’s Last Wish

January 17, 2016 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Having a reboot where we add a new epic area is pretty rare. This reboot, we’re adding two!

A Genie’s Last Wish - high level epic area and goal:

The beautiful genie is in need of someone to free her from her entrapment. Many years ago she was taken prisoner by a heinous genie general and everyone who has ever loved her has died trying to save her. Left unchecked, the general’s armies will continue to grow. If he becomes too powerful, he will attempt to usurp control of the entire genie kingdom. If this were to happen, the future of the genies would be a very dark one indeed. A strong warrior is needed to abolish this evil general.

Are you capable enough to help?

Level Range           : 200 to 201
Goal Difficulty       : Very Difficult
Goal Recommended at   : Level 200
Goal Min Level        : Level 200
Goal by               : Wire and Nikkei
Area Author           : Wire, Nikkei and Trollemite

Note: This is a very high level area that requires a large group of powerful characters to complete. This area is a morgue area- unclanned/outcast players dying in this area will suffer usual death penalties but will wake in the Aylorian Hospital with all their equipment.
(minimum size of group needed: 10, no maximum)

Titan’s Keep - High level epic area and goal

Faced with the growing threat of an impending demonic invasion through the rift in the Crystal Mountain, an unlikely old power has emerged once more: The Titans. An ancient race whose powers once rivaled the gods, they had disappeared without a trace during the Old Wars.

For reasons unknown they have now returned in force, establishing a Massive Keep at the peak of the Crystal Mountain. Rumor has it that they are amassing an army to march against the source of demons itself, and seal the threat forever.

Word from the underworld has it that skilled mercenaries are sought at the Keep, though there do not seem to be any reasons why the Titans would hire an ordinary adventurer. Vague promises of untold riches and raw power are whispered in the night like a siren’s call, and some of the bravest have already begun their journey to seek its source.

Are you bold enough to venture into the domain of the Titans?

Level range         : 201
Goal Difficulty     : Extremely difficult (Mini-epic)
Goal recommended at : 201 Maxxed
Goal Converter      : Redryn / Koala
Area Author         : Redryn / Koala

Note: There is a limit on the number of players that can attempt the goal at any one time, based on tiers.

Keyrings feature / Afterglow Area and Quest

January 09, 2016 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Keyring Feature:

There is a new ‘keyring’ feature. This feature is intended only for convenience and organizing inventory. It will not allow you to save with keys or carry more items. Keys on your keyring are still considered inventory and will still go into your corpse if you die.

There is no gold or trivia point cost for the keyring as we are just making it a standard game feature. The command itself is very similar to vaults:

     keyring list       : show items in your keyring.
     keyring get        : Retrieve an item from your keyring.
     keyring put [item] : Place a specific item on your keyring.
     keyring put all    : Put all available keys on your keyring.

Using ‘keyring put all’ will put all eligible items on your keyring but will not give a message for the rest. The more specific syntax to add [item] or all.[item] will give a message.

Whenever you use a command such as ‘unlock’ that looks for a key, your keyring will also be checked.

You can also use the same ‘keyring filter’ and ‘keyring sort’ options as those now available for vaults. Invmon has new tags 11 and 12 for items being placed onto / removed from keyring.

Getting into the details, in most cases the keys are considered “carried” but it depends on the action. Mobs looking for items carried will see them and you can use them as if they were in inventory. In other cases, they are more like worn items in that you can’t drop, donate, sacrfice, them etc without first removing from the keyring and items on your keyring cannot be seen with ‘peek’.

As this new feature settles in you may find some items that are used to unlock doors but are not actually keys won’t go on the keyring and need to be flagged. Post them to the bugs board as they come up. Mobprogs should be fine but if you encounter any issues where a previously working goal is suddenly not working because the mob can’t find your key, post that too. In the meantime a workaround would be just removing it from the keyring.

Afterglow Area and Goal:

Although the powers of Master Mages Fahlyk and Fahlen were released in Dusk Valley, the brothers were not completely destroyed. After regaining their powers they both conjured a devastating blow. The amount of energy was so great nearly everything in the Valley was destroyed and a bright aura was left in the sky. The Great War had finally ended but neither side had won. The remaining residents of Dusk Valley were forced to settle elsewhere. The brother’s mutual hatred had not lessened though and over time they both passed away.

Nearly one thousand years after the destruction of Dusk Valley, time seemed to heal the devastation wrought during the Brothers’ war. Trees grew tall and strong, streams filled the crevices in the land, grass covered the valley floor and fauna cautiously populated the region once more.

Upon hearing of the rebirth of the Valley, the Relyks returned to the area to start anew. Although many centuries had passed the aura covering the valley remained. The region became known as Afterglow. The Relyks in the area have built a large mansion to honor their master. Those who have contributed to the community are scribed into a great book. Are you honorable enough to contribute to Afterglow?

Welcome to Afterglow, adventurer.

Level Range         : 200-201
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 200
Goal Converter      : Shaelynne
Area Author         : Shaelynne

Other changes in this reboot:

  • Domain flagged some epic quest items to be level 211 and here only earlier this week but not everyone got their items updated. That should be fixed after this reboot and all items in the list Domain posted in mudinfo note #1661 will now be level 211 and hero only. The level is so that all tiers can wear rank equipment and the hero only flag is to prevent it being worn at much lower levels now that the base level is lower.
  • Your run prefix will now be skipped if you are already at Aylor recall.
  • The bypass bug should hopefully be fixed now. If you have bypass at 100% and the stats to cover the areas you have listed but still get a target in one of your bypassed areas, please post to bug board.
  • A few cleanup items from the last couple of bigger additions to the game:

  • You can now use an item’s unique id when retrieiving items from your vault. For example ‘vault get 1693141671′.
  • You can now sort inventory in a vault using ‘vault sort [option]‘. Options are the same as those available in ‘help invsort’.
  • You can now ‘vault filter [filter option]‘ using the same options as seen in ‘help invfilter’.
  • The ‘invdetails’ command used by clients for plugins will now show

    enchants using this format:

    {enchant}Solidify,stat,hit roll,1,Lasher,T

    Data is: spell, type (resist or stat), stat name, amount, who cast,
    (e)nchanter can remove, (t)ponly or (n)ot applicable.

Disenchant / Radiance Woods / Other Updates

December 19, 2015 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Disenchant Feature:
Items that have solidify, illuminate or resonate cast on them after this reboot will have the stats the came from each enchant stored on the item.

Using this data, there is a new ‘disenchant’ feature that allows you to remove a specific enchant on an item to try again. The first time each spell is removed from an item, it can be done by an enchanter free of charge. Any removal after that costs 3 trivia points. If the first disenchant is done by someone other than an enchanter the command will warn you but still allow it with the confirm option. The identify spell / command shows the enchants and, for each one, shows whether it can be removed with TP only or free of charge by an enchanter.

The syntax for this command is ‘disenchant [item] [spell]‘. Using this command will show an abbreviated identify screen and the bottom section will show the cost. Repeating the command with ‘confirm’ will do the actual disenchant. I strongly recommend that you use the first command to make absolutely sure you are disenchanting the right item at the right cost rather than using ‘confirm’ to begin.

The disenchant command does include the toggling of flags necessary to try again. For example, removing solidify will remove the solidified flag and also put invis back on the item. Removing illuminate will remove the illuminate flag and remove glow so the spell can be cast again.

If the items added by an enchant have since been removed (failed enchant armor etc) then disenchant is not possible and the stored enchant data will be removed.

Example of Identify

There was some controversy around this command on the test port. Some feel it will make max enchants too easy and kill motivation to run epics once everyone has max gear, others think it’s still too expensive.

We can always experiment with settings and prices as necessary. Having this code in place also lets us tweak enchants without worrying about “breaking” existing equipment. If I improve solidify next week then solidify only can be removed and recast.

Unfortunate that on this specific change existing items WILL get left behind but it’s been many years since a change was made where you couldn’t just upgrade. Continue using what you have which will work exactly the same as it did yesterday, or get new gear to min/max every last stat. Not to imply there’s anything wrong with that btw, I play that way too, it’s just not going to be “free” this time. All kinds of possibilities open up with the code behind this, looking forward to building on it.

Radiance Woods Area:
During low tide, the dense trees of Blake Forest give way to a relatively unknown place called Radiance Woods. The magic once sealing off the woods from outsiders has been lifted. The wood nymphs and faeries that live here are welcoming. The timing, however, is not a coincidence: the shadows have corrupted the woods and they are desperate to save their home.

Years ago, life in the woods was vastly different. The village thrived and families loved to visit the forest. Travelers from near and far came to view the manor and participate in annual festivities that took place as spring turned into summer. It has been just over a century since a stranger found their way into the woods. Over time, fact turned into fiction, and the faeries and wood nymphs of Radiance Woods became nothing more than a fable to enjoy before bedtime.

As more shadow faeries take up residence, the corruption spreads and diseases those within. Radiant faeries are falling sick and turning towards the shadows. The trees are beginning to perish, animals are acting bizarre, and the protection spell that keeps out the darkness is succumbing to the corruption. In an effort to reclaim their home, the nymphs have removed the magic isolating the woods to outsiders and have sent word they need assistance. Queen Aevintyri can not save the woods without help from an outsider.

Will you be the one to stop the shadows? If you consider yourself intelligent, brave, and loyal, seek out the lovely witch, Luama.

Level Range         : 200-201
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 200
Goal Converter      : Shaelynne
Area Author         : Shaelynne

Game changes this reboot:

  • Radiance Woods is new area by Shaelynne for level 201. It does also have a goal. You can get a feel for the story and goal using ‘help radiance’. Definitely recommend you turn on room descriptions for this one. As a reminder, ‘brief 0′ to always seem room descs or ‘brief 1′ to only see room descriptions in a room you haven’t already explored.
  • Increased the base chance of Illuminate, Solidify and Resonate to add any stat at all. With 100 luck for example it was previous only around 10%, it’s now 35% and scales higher with luck. Doesn’t ever reach 100% though, that’s where Enchanter’s Focus comes in. Note that this has nothing to do with how many stats are added, only the chance to get any stats at all.
  • I have multiplied the costs and prizes on the Aardwolf lottery by 10. This means that a ticket costs 10,000 gold and the minimum jackpot is 40,000,000 gold. If all tickets get sold (rarely happens), the jackpot would be 400 million. This does not affect rollover counts but the new jackpot does apply to the next draw so any tickets already on hand are included.
  • Using ‘who from’, ‘who www’ and ‘who afkmsg’ will no longer include players who do not have that field set. (Fantomex) was last note I read on this, feel like it has been posted before, sorry if I should have given credit to someone else.
  • The Level field in rankings has been increased to 6 characters. This should include rankings commands, metarank and ‘toprank’. Let me know of any places missed.

Vaults and TPenchant

October 21, 2015 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Equipment Vaults:

There is a new permant inventory storage option called ‘vaults’. Items in your vault are not considered part of inventory but do save over reboots. This means there is no risk of loss at death, accidentally dropping them on the floor or losing them because a friend holding items for you stopped playing or got themselves deleted. Items in a vault cannot be located by other players but will still show in your own ‘owned’ list if they are owned.

Vaults do *not* allow you save anything you wouldn’t normally be able to save and do not get around item timers - something with a timer still has a timer even in a vault. Something you can’t save with should still show in ‘quit check’ as in your vault.

You can put containers in the vault but they will take up as many slots as items in the container. Items that already have the ‘kflag’ do not take up vault space so once you have a vault we recommend putting those in there right away for safekeeping.

The vaults are intended for longer term storage of collectibles and items you don’t use often and don’t want to keep tracking in inventory. For day to day use or characters just starting out on Aardwolf, you are probably better off with the first couple of ‘pockets’ wishes.

You need to be in a bank room to use a vault. It costs 20 trivia points to open your vault with 20 storage items included. You can upgrade your vault up to 50 slots at a cost of 1 trivia point per slot. After that the costs increases to 2 trivia points and increases by 1 trivia point every 50 slots.

The main options with the vault command are:

   vault buy          : Create a new player vault.

   vault upgrade [amt]: Without confirm option will check costs
                        for [amt] slot upgrades or 1 item by default.

   vault put [items]  : Puts items into the vault. [Items] allows usual
                        object syntax such as 'vault put all.sword', etc

   vault get [items]  : Gets items from the vault. Allows all usual
                        'get' syntax.

   vault list         : Shows items in vault in inventory format.

For those using ‘invmon’ there are also new invmon tags 9 and 10 for adding / removing items from the vault.

Tpenchant / Other changes in this reboot:

  • There is a new tpenchant option for trivia auras. It costs a single trivia point and will add either a random stat or 1hr/dr. An aura can be tpenchanted up to 10 times max and identify will show how many times an aura has been enchanted so far.
  • If you solidify a weapon before tpenchanting you effectively lose the benefit of solidify because the tpenchant max is still the same. If you wait until your weapon is maxxed then solidify it and get a poor enchant, that isn’t good either after putting so many TP into the weapon.
  • I have changed this so that a weapon with the solidified flag will allow +4 hr / dr more than usual on tpenchant. The +4 number feels like the right amount to make up for a bad enchant while still leaving some value from a full +6 solidify or possibly higher with Arcane Source.
  • Other player’s stats no longer show in ‘whois’ and ’swho 12′ has been replaced with campaigns won which means that ’swho 13′ (formerly campaigns) has been removed. Duel info also no longer shows total stats. Total stats are considered a private stat now so if there is a way to see this remaining please post on bugs, thanks.
  • Using ‘gq info [num]‘ would not work if you were actually in a gquest as it would always default to the one you’re in. Now fixed.
  • General and Epics board were incorrectly sharing the same flag so you could not unsubscribe one without the other. ‘Unsubscribe epics’ should work fine now. If you already set it you’ll need to set it again and check that your general board setting is what you wanted.

Saves equipment upgrade.

October 12, 2015 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Equipment upgrade for “Saves” Stat:

TL,DR: If you have equipment with saves, use ’savesupgrade [item]‘ to replace the saves with random stats or resists. See below for a way to try again if you don’t like the stats.

Focusing on fully removing saves from the game. Saves have now been replaced with new effects on all new objects in live. Items that are not enchanted or unique (clan items) will pick up the stats from their new base item.

Items that are unique, which includes anything that has been enchanted and all clan items, will not pick up the stats. For those items, there is a new command called ’savesupgrade’ that will randomly assign the object points that were taken up in saves to other stats.

The roll is weighted towards stats and damroll but it’s possible to roll any stats including resists. To use it, simply type ’savesupgrade [item]‘. The saves will be removed and the stats assigned. If an item has negative saves they will just be removed, no negatives added to anything else. This roll can allow an item to go slightly over max in a specific stat type - 1 ‘builder point’ over max in any single category (hr, dr, stats, hmv). On items over max already you can’t roll that stat. If an item is over max on all stats then you’re just going to get resists.

The max is not perfect - it’s based on a combination of level and existing enchant flags. Some items will probably go a little over max, some will stop a little short of their theoretical max. Without specific tracking for what stats came from where we can only estimate.

The interesting part (for me at least) is that the item will remember exactly which stats were added from savesupgrade and there is a trivia point based ’savesupgrade reverse’. Don’t like the stats you rolled? For a trivia point you can ’savesupgrade [item] reverse’ to undo the whole thing and try again. This is using completely new item code that has a lot of potential for enchants. Prior to these changes, any stats added to items were just merged in with everything else and no real record of what came from where.

Note that reversal can only be done if the stats are still on the item. If they have since been wiped (by a failed enchant for example), the reversal cannot be done. If stats have been ADDED that’s ok, only the amount added by savesupgrade will be removed.

Higher level players, don’t blow off stats if you’re already at 600. I’m planning to make stats over 600 start to count for something with diminishing returns. This isn’t the same as increasing the cap which I am not planning to do, but to make those ‘overmax’ stats have _some_ impact. For the math inclined, something like square root (so 16 counts as 4, 36 counts as 6, etc) but not quite that extreme.

Other Changes in this reboot:

  • Spells that previously added saves now add something else, mostly resistances in place of saves. This includes:
    Indestructible Aura, Holy Aura (Paladin primary gets bonus con), Energy Containment,
    Ego Whip. On prot good / evil I just removed the minor saves, the flag is the
    main point of those spells anyway.
  • Options such as ‘allspells saves’ etc have been removed and ’saves’ has also been removed from the ’score’ and ‘attr’ comands/
  • There is now a new board called ‘EPICS’ for both announcements and discussion of epic areas. Until we make the necessary changes, auto-posted notes will still go to the existing board. Please use this board rather than general to announce upcoming epic areas runs. I’ve also added something about this board to ‘MOTD’.
  • There is a new ‘info epicdeaths’ option which filters deaths to mobs (only mobs) in areas flagged as ‘epic’ which so far is Inferno, Icefall and Oradrins. We don’t have a lot of death spam from Terra so I didn’t add it there. This defaults to off so you will need to turn it on if you want to see Icefall death spam!
  • The ’spamreduce wflags’ option was not working for a third party in the room. I don’t think many people saw these as they weapon special flag messages are already covered by ‘battlespam’, but this if fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug with the new ‘*’ in score sometimes showing even if you could still train more stats.
  • When a navigator requests a quest or a campaign there is now a message showing how many areas can by bypassed. This is how many that will actually by used, not necessarily the amount you have set. If your bypass skill is at 100% and you get a target in the areas included in that count you should get a separate message telling you there were no targets found out of the bypassed areas. If you get neither of these it is a bug.

    If you get a campaign target in your bypass list without getting this new message, please post your exact stats, copy of bypass output and the list of targets selected to the bugs board.

  • There is now a timeout if you sit at MOTD or clan MOTD for more than 10 minutes.
  • People in the ‘lizardman’ race can no use envenom on an item that already has another weapon flag.
  • Increased the ‘Since Added’ colum on gamestat 5. Apparently we’re going to need that soon.

Imagi’s Nation Area, Other Code Changes.

August 23, 2015 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

New Area and Goal - Imagi’s Nation:

The Imagi family has been an Andolor residence for decades, never creating a stir or drawing any attention to themselves. This is about to change. They are a loving family, consisting of the Father, Firgovi, the mother, Tolsirle, two children and a family dog, Seeko.

Firgovi, jobless and looking for a hobby, decided to start practicing some dark magics. Although his family did not approve, he would have friends over on the weekends to practice his magic in the basement, while the rest of the family sleeps. He practiced one magic most often, sleep control.

Now, fully trained in the magics he practiced, he offers something some people have been searching for during their entire life: freedom from a phobia. During the process, he magically puts you to rest on his bed, and you enter a deep sleep like never before. Unlike any other dream you have had, you are able to control this one.

Feeling brave? Ready to conquer the fear you’ve had your entire lifetime? Head over to Imagi’s Nation. It will be a trip you’ll never forget. Tell Firgovi you want ‘the works’ for a complete dream-diving experience!

Level Range         : 140 to 160
Goal Difficulty     : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 150
Goal Converter      : Rhuli
Area Author         : Rhuli

Game changes this reboot:

  • There is a new area in the level 140 to 160 range called Imagi’s Nation. This area is by Rhuli and does also have a goal. For more information, see ‘help imagis’.
  • Using ‘gquest progress’ will now show all global quests unless you are in one in which case use ‘gquest progress all’ to see all of them.
  • Made the ‘You have joined’ gquest message match the color that goes with the gquest type.
  • The definition of ’supernewbie’ used in ‘who sn’ is tier 0 no remorts only. Was never meant to have included characters on later remorts or tiers just passing through that level range.
  • There is a new item flag called ‘nogive’ which means you cannot give an item to others. This also implies you can’t drop it, sell it, auction it, etc. If you die while carrying a nogive item, it will remain with you rather than going to the corpse. Any method found to transfer a nogive item to another player is considered a bug.
  • Adding the ‘inv’ argument to a destroy command will allow it to target an item in your inventory that you cannot drop. New instances of the Abyss sword will work with this (they are no longer nosac), old items will disappear in time anyway but if you really want one removed an imm can do it via ‘oset timer’. Destroy now also requires a ‘confirm’ option to be used.
  • When a status is maxxed you will now see a character next to it in score. Maxxed can mean different things - a “*” means that stat is fully trained and as high as it can go with spell / equip boosts. A ‘+’ means it is has max spell / equip boosts but is not fully trained.
  • When you have noexp on, the ‘You receive 10 experience’ type messages now read ‘You don’t receive 10 experience’. You can turn off ‘You have set your character not to receive experience’ messages using ’spamreduce noexp’. I didn’t make spamreduce noexp hide the “don’t receive 10 experience” messages too - if you want those gone use ’spamreduce noexp2′. If you turn both of these off and don’t display prompts then it’s on you to remember you have noexp on.
  • When using ‘brew’, Oracles will have a slightly higher chance of success and when using ’scribe’, Enchanters will have a higher chance of success.
  • Objects repopping have always been random within +/- 2 levels of their base level. I changed that to +/- 3 levels.
  • There is now a limit of 100 global quest kills per level. After you reach the limit, you can still join and win global quests if you have not hit the limit but will not be rewarded for the individual kills. The counter is reset when you gain a level, remort or retier and does not apply to level 200+. The tracking of kills starts from this reboot so past activity does not count. Using ‘gq check’ will show your kills remaining and it is shown after each gquest kill.

Global Quest Rewrite for Multiple Tracks

July 25, 2015 Author: Lasher Category: MUD News Comments Off

Global Quest Rewrite:

There are now multiple gquest cycles - the existing set of gquests that anyone can join, a cycle only for people who have won 10 gquests or less and a cycle for tier 0 only.

It is quite possible (and likely) for gquests to overlap and, at any given point in time, there may be more than one gquest running you are eligible to join. You can only be in one global quest at a time but there is no problem with leaving one global quest for another. Keep in mind you cannot rejoin a global quest you have already quit.

The biggest single change with this is in syntax - commands like ‘gq info’ will require you to give the global quest number if there is more than one gquest running. The ‘gq join’ option tries to be a little smarter in that if there is only one gquest running you are able to join it will join that one, otherwise it tells you there is more than one global quest running that you are able to join.

Multiple Global Quests in Aardwolf MUD

Other Global Quest Changes:

  • The global quest announcements will show which type of gquest is being declared.
  • Each global quest group has a separate color. Standard gquests are in green, t0 only in magenta and < 10 wins in cyan.
  • The ‘gquest ranges’ command will now show all 3 cycles. Added some spacing lines in there just to make it a little more readable.
  • Using ‘gq history’ now shows the gquest number of that global quest. You can use the syntax ‘gquest history [number]‘ to see the full history of that global quest.
  • All the places you would expect such as gquest info and the final gquest note should show which gquest type a particular quest was. I removed the ’started by’ line as they are all auto-generated now.
  • ‘Gquest list’ will show the gquests currently running, which cycle they belong to and how many people are in the global quest.
  • Gq info will only show the global quests you can join based on these new rules. I also removed the ‘use gquest info to see the targets’ line when a gquest first starts.

The ‘Global’ Channel:

The global quest channel has changed so much it gets it’s own list of changes:

  • The ‘global’ channel is now a regular channel which means you can use socials, emotes, etc like any other channel.
  • Each global quest has its own “thread” and its own history much like clan channels.
  • You can see history of the channel for a gquest you are in using ‘global -h’. Once a global quest is over, you can see its channel history using ‘global -h [gquest number]‘.
  • You can now ‘colorset global [color]‘ to set the channel of the main body of the global quest channel.

Fixed up / cleaned up some things in existing gquest code:

  • It should be impossible for the same mob to be in more than one global quest at the same time.
  • If you kill a mob in a global quest while the global quest is in preparation phase you will trigger the faster repop. This is new, in the old version a fast repop wouldn’t trigger until the gquest actually started. Things like hunt and summon will still work until the gquest actually starts, otherwise this would be a super-easy way to find the targets before the gquest begins.