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Note: This information is as-of the V3 release on March 6th 2008. Enchancements made to the game since go-live are not covered here - they can be found in the news archive or 'history' helpfiles within the MUD

Armor Class and Resistances

With the removal of Armor Class from the game, AC on existing items was converted to resistances. The following points are important:

  • The rate of conversion is roughly 1 resistance for every 5-6 AC.
  • The special resistances 'all magic' and 'all physical' exist only to keep identify/spell affect display less spammy and when applied add to each physical or magical type
  • Pierce, Bash and Slash AC converted into their respective physical resistances. Where these 3 numbers were identical on the old base item they converted to 'all physical', otherwise into individual resistances.
  • Live had a bug with shadow, air and earth immunity not working. It does now.
  • Exotic armor class converted to 'all magical'.
  • Exotic armor class on skinned items does not convert at all.
  • Only base AC on items converted, armor class affects did not.
  • Existing resistances on items/races were multiplied by 4 so they fit in with the new resistance scales.
  • Spells that used to add AC now add resistances. What resistances they add depends on the spell.
  • The 'lightning' damage focus is now 'electric' - having lightning was more like having 'fireball' instead of 'fire'.
  • The bars in score now reflect resists rather than AC. It is much harder to 'fill' the bars, this is just cosmetic and does not imply less damage reduction. The bars are also colorized.
  • With the removal of AC, CON has a more direct affect on damage reduction - if you find yourself taking a lot more damage, increase your CON and make sure all your resist spellups are on.