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OPK and other changes.
OPK and other changes.Many game changes including PK Ranges, OPK changes, 4 new goals, whois/PK stat options, more...
Ranger and Shaman Changes.
Ranger and Shaman Changes.Multiple enhancements to Ranger classes include new Gaias Totem spell.
Assassin / Bandit Merge & New Areas
Assassin / Bandit Merge & New AreasThief subclass changes and new skills. Several new goals and areas. Other changes.
Mindflay, critical hits, DSR goal, more.
Mindflay, critical hits, DSR goal, more.New ranged Mentalist attack called Mindflay. Hitroll based Critical Hits. Many other skill changes and a new goal / area expansion.
Superhero stats and other changes.
Superhero stats and other changes.Several changes in the MUD including simplification of the "superhero stats" mechanic / auto rebuild at superhero.
Three new goals, another clan merge.
Three new goals, another clan merge.Three new goals including one special "raiding" goal. Cabal merged into Loqui. Multiple other changes.
Clan merge and other changes.
Clan merge and other changes.Dominion clan merged into Retribution. Miscellaneous other changes.
Accessibility Feature and Bonus Items
Accessibility Feature and Bonus ItemsAccessibility enhancements and a number of tweaks to the recent bonus item enhancements. Also better control over looting.
Game load equipment enhancements.
Game load equipment enhancements.New system that will randomly (but intelligently) add stats to game load items with potentially very rare but very powerful items.