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Free Classchange, more spell upgrades.

Date Posted - 06.25.2013

Subclass changes, Paradise lost goal.
Subclass changes, Paradise lost goal.Changes to Elementalist, Sorceror, Priest, Harmer and Melee classes. New goal in Paradise Lost.
Other game changes July 15th 2023.
Other game changes July 15th 2023.New area and goal called Svrogan's Logging Camp, new goal in Dark Template of Zyian, Web Client, other game changes.
Classchange rewrite and instinct/mastery rebuild.
Classchange rewrite and instinct/mastery rebuild.Classchange has been rewritten to allow a free classchange every 7 days along with free instinct/mastery rebuild. Retier now also rebuilds instinct and mastery. Full details in the link.
Androgyne Gender, Other Changes
Androgyne Gender, Other ChangesIntroduction of the Androgyne gender, quest objstat limit changes, spamreduce consider, etc.
Fractals of the Weave Update
Fractals of the Weave UpdateMajor update to Fractals of the Weave epic area and mini-games.
OPK and other changes.
OPK and other changes.Many game changes including PK Ranges, OPK changes, 4 new goals, whois/PK stat options, more...
Ranger and Shaman Changes.
Ranger and Shaman Changes.Multiple enhancements to Ranger classes include new Gaias Totem spell.
Assassin / Bandit Merge & New Areas
Assassin / Bandit Merge & New AreasThief subclass changes and new skills. Several new goals and areas. Other changes.
Mindflay, critical hits, DSR goal, more.
Mindflay, critical hits, DSR goal, more.New ranged Mentalist attack called Mindflay. Hitroll based Critical Hits. Many other skill changes and a new goal / area expansion.