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Paladins are the heroes of the world religions and faiths.. They are the people whose faith is so strong they become empowered as a tool of their deity. Paladins are both cleric and warriors at heart, they are as faithful as the most devout cleric, yet have the knowledge of a seasoned warrior. One can not say paladins are a warrior cleric as they have many unique skills and abilities that neither a cleric nor a warrior posses. Paladins do however have divine power over the extreme opposites of their faith, be it the ability to banish evil from their sight, to detecting truth and goodness in people. If you are looking for a balanced playing experience in which you want some magic but also the strength of a warrior then a paladin might be what you seek.

All paladins spells and skills are affected by their alignment - It doesn't matter whether you are good or evil, but a paladin should always try to have extreme align. Your spells can do +/- 25% more/less damage depending on your align. Might not sound like a lot, but can make a huge difference overall.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Intelligence is the main stat affecting paladin spells. A paladin should always try to keep their Intelligence as high as possible for maximum effect.

Secondary Stats: Constitution, Strength

Preferred Weapon: Flail

... List of skills and spells