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Players may purchase private homes called Manors.

Manors have a cost of 40 trivia points and 5 million gold. If a lower level player wants to quest for a manor but finds the idea of raising 5 million gold daunting, they can opt to pay 50 trivia points instead.

Manors are very expensive. The first plot of land reserved for Manors was taken up extremely quickly and to continue the quality of residence and avoid overcrowding another plot of much more expensive land had to be acquired.

Manors are more than 'just a private room' and here are some of the benefits a land owner can expect to receive:

When you have a private room, you also have a command called 'home' which is basically recall, but, takes you to that room. Married players can share the expenses and benefits of a manor, however note that only one player can be registered as the owner.

Every private manor will come with a second room that is special in a different kind of way. The second room will be a 'waiting room' or 'doorstep' or 'portculis' or whatever you decide to call it. Basically, when in your manor, if someone is in your waiting room you can 'invite {player}' and they will be taken into the room. This means that you can have 'meetings' or just a place for friends to hang out etc.

While in your room, you can 'look outside' to see who is in your waiting room that you might want to invite in. A player in your 'waiting room' can 'ring bell'. If you are 'home', you will 'hear' the bell ring. If not, the player will be told so.

Your room will come with a fireplace and fountain.

Private rooms will be 'safe'.

Manors can be sold to other players; this can even involve the transfer of Quest and Trivia points.

You can also purchase pet mobs and objects for your manor.