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Click on the link below to download the Aardwolf Mud Client. This version of the client is a zip file that you can unzip to any location and run by clicking on the Mushclient icon. This means that you can also run it from a flash drive and move between multiple computers.

Download Aardwolf Client

The icon to click to run the client is:

Note for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 users: We recommend that you unzip to a directory outside of the Programs or Windows folders and run from that directory. Unzipping to the Programs or Windows folders will require you to use an administrator account to run the client.

Configuring the client

When you first load the client, the window below will appear giving you information on how to move and resize the windows. Study these directions carefully then enjoy playing Aardwolf, that's it!

Aardwolf MUD screenshot

You can also Visit the Aardwolf Client Plugin Page for information on the options available within each window.

Helpfiles - Windows 7 and Vista

Windows 7 and some version of Windows Vista do not include the program necessary to view the .hlp files used by Mushclient. Players using those systems who are unable to access the Mushclient built in help will have to download the correct version of the WinHlp32.exe program from the Microsoft Support Site.

Where to get help

If you need general help with how to use Mushclient to play Aardwolf and your question is not addressed on the client FAQ page, the best place to ask is in the game itself on either the 'newbie' or the 'tech' channels. If nobody is around to answer your question, there is also a 'tech' board in game. There is also a more detailed FAQ and documentation wiki available at the Googlecode site for the client.

If you have problems with the Mushclient configuration and/or have a bug to report in the client itself, you can visit the official project page (maintained by Fiendish) and report bugs and/or feature requests at https://github.com/fiendish/aardwolfclientpackage/issues. Bug reports in the actual game should still be reported to the 'bugs' board within Aardwolf.

As you get more into the game you may want to explore some more advanced features of Mushclient such as making your own triggers and aliases. The Mushclient Forum is a great place to learn more about the client itself and has an active community ready to help with any problems.

Client updates

Whenever there are new features or important bug fixes we will update the version of the client package in the download link here. For most players, this is all you will need.

If you would like to beta-test new client releases ahead of release, the very latest version can be obtained from the Github repository at https://github.com/fiendish/aardwolfclientpackage/archive/MUSHclient.zip.

The current version on aardwolf.com is r1825 - if the current version in the Github repository is the same then there is nothing new to download. A full history of major revisions and changes can be seen on the Aardwolf MUD Client History page.

Upgrading the client

Important: These steps should all be carried out with mushclient closed down - it should not be running while files are copied.

When you download a newly updated version of the client you may want to keep your mapper files and other settings from previous versions. We recommend copying over only the mapper files and reconfiguring everything else, but the following steps will help you.

Unzip the client into a new directory. A good naming convention to use is either the release number of the client (for example, r1825) or a combination of the date such as 'mush02012012'. Recommended approach would be to use the release number. In the example below, all Musclient releases are under 'd:\mush' and the various versions are under that.

Mushclient directories

Mapper Files:
Assuming your world name is the default 'Aardwolf', copy the Aardwolf.db.* files and the Aardwolf_bookmarks.db file (if it exists) from the old directory to the new directory:

Mud mapper database files

Plugin Configuration:
Each plugin has its own 'state' file which stores the configuration for that plugin, including the size and position of the windows. Because new variables can often be added with newer releases, it is usually safer to use the state files with the new version and resize the windows / reconfigure the plugins yourself. If you really want to copy all your settings from the old version to the new version, copy the entire contents of the world\plugins\state direcory.

Mushclient MUD state files

Mushclient Preferences:
The Mushclient preferences are stored in the database file 'mushclient_prefs.sqlite'. Copy this file from the main mushclient directory of your previous install to the new install to preserve previous Mushclient preferences.

Mushclient Preferences

World Configuration:
If you have created a lot of aliases and triggers within the main world, you will want to import your settings from the old Aarwolf.mcl file.

On the newly installed version of Mushclient, select the 'File' menu then 'Import' then select 'File'. Make sure that all of the import options are checked.

Mushclient Import Settings

Locate the 'Aardwolf.mcl' file in the old version and click 'open':

Aardwolf MUD world file

Locate the 'Aardwolf.mcl' file in the old version and click 'open'. You will get some errors about being unable to load plugins - these are ok, you don't want the plugins from the old version to load because updated versions are already loaded in the new version.

Mushclient Import Errors

Finally, if you had any plugins installed that are not part of the Aardwolf package, you will need to copy them over and install them manually. We'll assume that if you do, you already know how to manually install the remaining plugins. If you need help, there is always the tech board.

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