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The Aardwolf Android MUD Client is a custom version of the Blowtorch MUD Client designed for use with Aardwolf MUD. Blowtorch is a very feature rich client and includes:

  • Triggers and Aliases
  • MCCP (compression)
  • Custom button sets to add your own shortcuts
  • Timers
  • Client-side speedwalks to complement the in-game 'runto'
  • Xterm 256 color support
  • Scrollback
  • Import/Export settings
  • Many more options to configure client input/output/processing

Anrdoid - Aardwolf MUD Screenshots

The client on the desktop showing the Aardwolf Icon:

Aardwolf MUD - Android Icon

Client in use connecting to Aardwolf. As you can see, on this phone (Samsung Epic G2) the display is a full 80x24 when in landscape mode:

Aardwolf MUD - Android Client Login Screen

Same screen, but with the menu bar open:

Aardwolf MUD - Android Client Login Screen with Options

Aardwolf icon in top bar with client running in the background:

Aardwolf MUD - Android Client Background Icon

The 'about Aardwolf' page within the help menu:

Aardwolf MUD - About Android Client

Installing the client

Configure the phone:

Because the client is currently in beta, you cannot download it from an app store and need to manually install it. The first step is to allow your phone to install applications from sources other than app stores. The steps for this are:

  • Press the 'home' icon then press 'menu' and select 'settings'.
  • Press 'Applications'
  • Check the 'unknown sources' box - this allows you to install applications outside of the app store. You will probably get a warning, read it carefully before accepting.

Download the client:

Click on the link below (or right-click and 'save as') to download the client to your local computer.

Aardwolf Android MUD Client - Beta

Install the client:

This set of steps involves copying the file from your computer to the android phone then using an installer program to actually install the app:

  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and select 'mass storage' when prompted on the phone.
  • On your local computer, use windows explorer (or equivalent) to find the AardwolfRPG.apk file you downloaded earlier. Copy this file to the Android Phone in the 'downloads' folder (or any other location, but 'downloads' is easier if you have it).
  • You will need to use an installer program such as "Installer", "Easy Installer" or "Astro" to install the package. Download one of these from the app store then run it.
  • Within the installer program, browse to the AardwolfRPG.apk file you just copied to the phone and select it. The client will install and then you are ready to play.

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