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November 04, 2008, at 03:52 AM EST by Sagen
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My name is Sagen and always been on Aardwolf. I started playing sometime\\


My name is Sagen and I always have been on Aardwolf. I started playing sometime\\

October 19, 2008, at 04:20 AM EST by Sagen
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My name is Sagen and always been on Aardwolf. I started playing sometime
in 1997, when a friend introduced it to me and have been here off and on ever
since. I have been in a few clans in my time starting in Dragon, for about a
year. Went to Emerald for some time, and then over to Crimson. After some clan
seperation, I decided to leave and join a new clan, Masaki. Masaki was created
Jan. 1st, 2001 and I joined in February. I was promoted to leader or Sensei
of Masaki in 2003. I stayed and very much enjoyed my leadership experience
with so many great people. I encountered a little guy at some point in
ironically the Amazon Nation, by the name of Trollemite. After some time, he
joined Masaki in Oct. of 2004. We married shortly afterwards and have been
happily married since, in the game only of course! Time moved on and things
change, my spouse and I had agreed it was time to move on, and in 2006 I
stepped down from Leadership and my spouse and I decided to leave Masaki and
thankfully joined the ranks of Ba'al. With so many changes going on with
Aardwolf and so much time spent in the game, as well as time away for a bit,
I decided to join the Testers team. As soon as the Academy went in, I have
been pretty active with the new goals coming in, as well as some of the new
areas. In that time I also created the Empire of Aaighialla goal, as well as
reconverted the area (formally Empire of the Tsuranuanni) with Cordelia. After
a few months of testers, I decided to apply to be a Helper as I love helping
players out in general when I can.