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Imperium is a military themed clan composed of several families. each family is ruled by a family head as well as the patron leader. These families are united under the clan's common vision of HONOR, VALOR and TRUTH. The leaders of Imperium are entrusted with the task of guiding the clan to glory. They may direct the clan and individual families in the effort to strengthen the clan. Each family has a set theme and goal within the clan. The Families of Imperium:

Dro'Bher- The Dro'Bher handle all matters pertaining to the preservation of honor in the clan. They are the ones who not only seek out and slay the enemies of imperium, but also avenge their fellow members who have fallen in battle.

Zxanguard- Dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the Imperial halls. These members are specially trained to defend the halls of imperium during raids. One seeking to join the ranks of Zxanguard must be willing to learn how to actively defend as well as be prepared to sit for long periods of time.

SweetSong- The comedians and historians of Imperium, they strive to keep the troops in good spirits, keeping moral high is their primary objective. They also pay tribute to the great deeds performed in service to Paladine.

Myrlind- Family dedicated to those who wish to join, and those new to the clan. They recruit new members, interview applicants, and assist those new to the clan in learning their way around the Imperial Halls. Their focus is teaching initiates in the ways of Imperium.

Requirements for joining Imperium: -Level 200 Single Class (or any level remort character) -15,000 Quest Points Earned -Good general mud knowledge -At this time, ALL families are open to new applicants.

For more information...

Type claninfo Imperium in game.