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June 09, 2011, at 03:25 PM EST by Dash
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 Creator: Lumina & Rok
 Level 200-201 (Lock 190)
 Repop Message: Cold air brushes against you as the denizens of the realm awake!


There are many kinds of evil in the world. There are the trivial evil of those who take their pleasure from observing the sorrow of others, the greater evil of those who take their pleasure bringing sorrow to others, and the extraordinary evil of those who take their pleasure raining sorrow down on multitudes. These are the infamous creatures, male and female, who exceed all others in their ability to cause pain and suffering. Although Hell is reserved for the lesser evil doers, the Realm of Infamy is home to those who achieved greatness in the performance their evil ways.


There is currently no goal for this area.


Infamy is a series of mazes connected by room portals. Many aggresive mobs and nearly every room flagged for PK. Adventurers beware and keep 'recall' at hand!


Runto Infamy

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