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Area: ElementalChaos

Elemental Chaos (Level 90-150) Authors: Alixana and Kalista


For centuries the Dra'ork have tried to create the perfect element by harnessing the mayhem and destructive powers of the elements, however, they have failed. The Loud'ra on the other hand have tried to create the perfect element by using the elements in harmony and peacefully. Yet, they too, have failed. Even the Master of the Elements can't seem to get it right. Maybe if someone was able to learn each technique and combine them the perfect element could at last be created.

Area was added Jan. 15, 2010.


      Level Range           : 90-150

      Goal Difficulty       : Medium              

      Goal Recommended at   : 110

      Goal Converters       : Alixana

      Area Authors          : Alixana & Kalista


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