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Videos: Services

Clan Services

Healers and their services.

Uncursing items at a clan healer.

MUD Commands and Services

Aliases - How to set up some simple aliases to make your questing simpler.

Autoloot/Skipnextloot - Commands to use when you want to avoid looting a specific corpse.

Donating - How to donate your excess equipment so others may use it.

Flowers and Gifts - How to send flowers to another player.

Looking - Look v's the rlook command to view items in the room rather than your inventory.

Mobdeaths - How to find mobs to kill in your level and alignment range.

Note writing - Sharing a short story with the other players.

Polls - How to vote on player and Imm run polls.

Potsearch - How to find a healing potion.

Runprefix - How to set the runprefix to work with the runto command.

Shortflags - How to toggle them on/off and what they mean to you.

Titles - How to set a personalised title for your character.

Player Services

Graffiti - Players often leave clues and answers in the form of graffiti in puzzling rooms.

Spellups - When a Superhero player gives out free spell-ups to the community.

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