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Videos: Manors

Land Deeds - How to buy one and how to find a premium location.

Manors - Looking at three of the "must read" helpfiles before you purchase a manor.

Manors - How to purchase your very own manor.
Manors - Entering your manor for the very first time with the 'home' command.

Hunger and Thirst - How having a manor can help!

Manor Exits

Requesting a manor exit to Aylor's recall point.
Seeing how convenient it is to have a 'recall' exit in your manor.
Runprefix - Setting the runprefix to work with an Aylor recall exit in your manor.

Flag Toggles

Upgrades - The nohunger flag upgrade for manors.
Live upgrades - Watching the nohunger flag being added and seeing how the player is charged.

Free upgrades

Upgrades - Requesting the free porch description.
Upgrades - Implementation of the porch description.

Upgrades - Requesting the free main manor room description.
Upgrades - Implementation of the free main room description.

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