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Spells: KoboldSpray

 Kobold stench (Sn: 278) (Skill)

Help Kobold Spray

Syntax: kspray <victim>
Damage: disease

It is rumored that the fattest, foulest, most evil kobold lords dwell deep
in the darkest kobold cave lairs.  Bold thieves, sneaking through the 
night, can harvest the scent glands of these creatures, using the fermented
extract as a poison in battle.  This extract does far more damage than its
sibling, kobold stench, and the strength reduction is greater, though still
cumulative.  Like its weaker counterpart, primary-class thieves will be
able to produce a more potent odor than those which learn the skill later.

Primary stat: Strength, Dexterity.
Affected by : Luck.

Help Category : Skill, Combat Related Helps : Kobold Stench


 Thief               Level :   99 


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