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Spells: HexOfMisfortune

Hex of Misfortune (Sn: 580) (Spell)

Help Hex Of Misfortune

Syntax: cast 'hex of misfortune' <target>
Spell Number: 580

The Sorcerer's Hex of Misfortune causes their victim to feel unlucky, with 
the strength of the spell increasing over time. The longer a target is 
affected by this hex, the more unlucky they become.

The duration of this spell (and therefore its power) is based on
Intelligence and, to a lesser degree, Wisdom. The recovery time is exactly
twice the duration of the spell when used against a player and significantly
shorter when used against a non-player character.

Spell available only to the Sorcerer Mage Subclass.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Affected By : Wisdom


 Mage                Level : 171


NOTE: Subclass Only: Sorcerer
This spell can not be cast from an object.

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