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Hello everyone. I'm brand new to Aardwolf, though I have had a lot of experience with Muds. Ancient Anguish, then Dragon Realms, then another mud that was shockingly similar to this, but way worse, and no one was ever on.

Basic Info

Hrm. I just got out of the military after 10 years, and now I'm sort of settled. I also just quit playing WoW. (Which is very fun, I don't care what you nay-sayers think.)

Opinion of Aardwolf

Absolutely incredible. The best mud for a newbie that I've ever tried in over 14 years of playing them. The Academy makes it so you know what's going on better than any mudtutorial I've seen. The RUNTO, AREAS, FIND commands make it so you always know where you're going, how to get there, and how to get back.

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