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Profiles: Tyebald

General Information

Created: November 3, 2008
Classes: Thief | Psionicist | Warrior | Mage | Ranger | Paladin Cleric
Level: T7
Race: Triton
Clan: The Great Circle of Druids

Current Description

 | Sat Feb 26 12:28:50 2011   194  201 Tyebald           13
 | You get a Trivia Point Token from the perforated corpse of Barney the Loser.
 | You receive an Archaeology Trivia Point Token from the Archaeology Master.
 | Eochaid Ollathair blesses you with a free point of potential.
 |             Aardwolf daily rankings by Gquests Won. 
 | Num   Name         Clan        Level Total Qp  Kills  Deaths Gquests
 | ----  ------------ ----------- ----- -------- ------- ------ ------- 
 |    1) Tyebald      Druid          26      971     609      0       4
 | You hear a loud roar from Tyebald and the world appears calmer for a while.
 | Aardwolf rejoices in the death of another MILLION monsters.
 | You receive (Aarchaeology) Master of History from The (Aarchaeology) Professor.


WHO Lists

 05/19/14  [ 57  Triton T+7] Tyebald <<<BSC>>> (E) [Druid]

Character History

Stumbling out of bed, Tyebald strapped on his gear, cradled his aching skull between two calloused hands, and prepared to face another day. And promptly fell out of a tree.

Oh that's right. Bed. Dryads. Mulled wine......yeah, it's starting to come back now. Damn dryads and their trees. Okay, so the whole Druid thing seemed like a pretty good idea. After all, what's not to like: a whole collection of folks with a penchant for sharing, and loose clothing providing ready access to the treasures within. Nobody mentions the dryads though. "Insatiable sexual appetite". Sure, maybe. But all the talk. "Don't ever leaf me!" "You're tree-mendous!" Nobody ever mentions the puns. Ever.

That was five years ago now. Six, if you aren't the strongest with numbers. Or possibly four. Tyebald was not the strongest with numbers. Figures, on the other hand, were his specialty. Mmm, figures....which is why he still found himself waking up and falling out of the occasional tree.

Tree. Ground. Seems there's something that's supposed to come next. Ah yes. And with that, Tyebald struck out across the open ground. Not running, of course. Certainly not running. That wouldn't be dignified. Plus, they liked it when he ran. They might be tied to a tree and all, but the core is all female, and he'd never met a female who didn't enjoy a good chase. Most of them enjoyed a bad chase. Catch and release. If only he could count on the release part.

So he wasn't running. Probably some of the fastest walking seen on the plains of Mesolar, but not running. That was another specialty. A lifetime of selective property rights had bred a certain effectiveness at being somewhere else. Between quick wits and fast hands, it always seemed a good idea to be somewhere different. That was only one of many lessons Jumpsteady imprinted on him: "Don't be where they want to hang you." Seems simple enough. He neatly left out the part about not doing things to deserve being hanged, and that's probably just as well. Those are all the fun bits.

Jumpsteady was good with the fun bits. Tyebald didn't remember much from his childhood, but once Jumpsteady took up his tutelage, things started to be really worth forgetting. "Where were you last night?" for instance. Who could say? Such a minor detail, certainly not worth the trouble of remembering. Forgetting was much more profitable. And as for the rest of what he'd been taught? Well, naturally, that was all long since forgotten...

It was Jumpsteady who had originally planted the idea of following the Druids. Planted... Yeah, clearly it was time to put some distance between him and the dryads.

And so once again, Tyebald found himself striking out across the land. Head full of wool, pockets full of.....oh gold! That should come in handy! And a happy tune to keep the hangover company. Nobody enjoys an unhappy hangover.

Player Provided Information

Character Timeline

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Player Information

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