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Moonbuy is a character that originally started around 1996 when a friend told me about Aardwolf. We played for a while finally reaching level 100 which was a major goal at the time. Then life got in the way and my friend and I both quit playing the game.

One day in September 2007 I was having a conversation with this friend (Quietman) and he brought up are old mud we used to play (Aardwolf). We both wondered if it still existed. After the phone call I did a little research and found the mud sill in existence and stronger than ever. I created a character the same as I had almost 11 years erlier, same name, same race and class.

I found a mud of the same name but much had changed. The world had grown with many more areas, A new deity, a new main city, many many more areas, many more opportunities for fun. All this extra while keeping the same welcoming fun enviornment I had remembered.

I have been here nearly every day since.

In March of 2008, I joined my wagon to the Romani clan. It is a great group of people who enjoy the world of aardwolf and enjoy clan life without all the drama of some clans.

Aardwolf has been a great place to strenghten old friendships, build new ones, and give me the relaxation I need each day.

I plan to be around for a long time.

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