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Profiles: Lordrazor

Introducing the one and only (Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumroll please) Lordrazor (I know I am AWESOME)

About me: I am the MOST addicted player of Aardwolf and I love long walks around Gallows Hill and sleeping at Hotel Orlando(as long as that annoying pug doesn't keep me awake).

Yeah I just had to give you awesome people a description about me and whatever else you want to know send me a tell when you see me online.

History: A long while ago when Mxit started that portal I discovered Aardwolf and it was love at first site or should I say type. Well then I stopped playing(Don't ask me why because I can't remember) and recently rejoined as Lordrazor and now I am back to my addiction.

If you want to know more or just randomly annoy me here is a link to my FB

Update: Tonight after work I will return to Aardwolf!!! Yeah my loyal fans I am returning to kick some green goblin (Censored). I stopped playing because my keyboard phone broke but now I have a new one so guys look out Lordrazor is on the loose again.

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