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Profiles: Lizza

General Information

Created: June 8, 2012
Classes: Ranger | Psionicist | Thief | Cleric | Warrior | Mage | Paladin
Level: 201 T0
Race: Diva
Clan: Boot

Current Description

 Before you stands a young Diva, 5'8" in height and athletically built. Her
 pretty face is set with a warm smile and her dark green eyes glitter with
 a fierce independence. Her short, black hair is tinted with dark red.
 Her life as a ranger means she frequently travels the globe in search of 
 adventure but when she returns home she loves nothing more than to pose for
 those wonderful 'Boot Needs You' posters.


WHO Lists

 05/18/14  x=BOOT DIVA=x [Advisor] Lizza - Boot Camp's Favourite Pin-Up Gal {M.I} [Boot]

Character History

Darkness. It always starts with darkness. But no darkness is ever complete. There, over there, a tiny star in the distance. Then over there another, and here, another. As you look more and more become visible. Each one sending a beam of light eternally through the void. Now a tiny spark, a glimmer in the night approaches, throwing back the black and driving it away. The glow pulses and grows quickly, flowing and flickering, banishing the dark to places imagination hides from. The glow swirls and becomes a fire. The fire becomes an inferno, fierce, intense but brings light and safety to the mind. As the light flows forward a figure is suddenly visible, a child of pale skin and green eyes lies still and peaceful. Words form in the ether and are then blown towards the sleeping child, 'Awake Daughter'. The child stirs and grumbles, the thought of arguing for 10 more minutes sleep pauses in the mind, only to brushed away by the sudden realization that dawn is here.

A yawn, a stretch, a first opening of the eyes letting in the bright colours of light and life. Sounds ripple and swirl around her head, soft rustling of grass and leaves. Life surrounds her, the tiniest insects crawling across the land to the largest of beasts listening to her morning breaths. The glade is beautiful, as always, light dancing from every plant and stone. She sits and pulls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her willowy arms around them. A smile lights her face as she listens to the words of fire and she nods. With a graceful, fluid movement she rises from the ground and looks down on her new form. A body of nature housing a spark of fire, she smiles at the irony. But it is a vessel that suits her well.

She closes her eyes briefly feeling the dawn sunlight embracing her, fingers of warmth holding her tight and fuelling her inner fire. She wants for a moment to stay here in the peaceful sunshine but already she can hear her mother whispering in the wind. Opening her eyes she looks across to the fireflies dancing in breeze and nods at the silent words. So much to do, so much to learn, candles to be lit and a world to be set alight. She feels the need to explore this land tugging at her and glancing at her bare feet decides that new boots will be needed. And a new outfit too, something practical, something hard-wearing. But, oh, something pretty too, greens and yellow are in season she feels so that is what she will need.

A new start, a new adventure awaits, new roads to walk, new sights to be seen. Slowly she turns and gently skips across the glade to a path leading out through the trees. She walks the path, unknown beneath her feet but becoming part of her with each step.

She stops by a small stone and traces her fingers across the engraved letters - Aylor 5miles - a mischievous smile crosses her pale lips and never looking back she goes to create her story.

Player Provided Information

Character Timeline

Player Information

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