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Being the only romanian in this game is not an easy thing! But I survived somehow :) When i got into Uni i went to the lab (*computer lab* ) and found some ppl there that were playing something in text mode and they looked like they were having fun. So i asked what is it that they play and so i found out about muds. At first i didn't understand much but with a little help and some explanation i got to like it.

I discovered a local mud with 15 members online at most. It was made and administered by someone in the uni. Eventually, after a few years, i got so high that they made me an imm there and and i've started building some areas (finished one and started the second). But, shortly after this, the mud crumbled.. as in the admin didn't log in that much and no coders wanted to be a part of the project. In the end the mud got offline. In the dying days i went to the lab to find a friend playing another mud - Aard. So he introduced me to this mud and it felt like home. And that's how i found this mud. In 2003 i started playing and, even if I wasn't active all the time, i logged in from time to time to see my friends.

Anyway - if you feel like chatting with a friendly, open guy drop a tell and we'll find some topics to discuss.

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