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Profiles: Arnica

Greetings fellow traveler. You have entered the lair of Arnica the Subtle.

I am virtually brand new to Aardwolf, having started in late 2008. I see that I can leave that sentence unchanged for years, as I will always be brand new relative to some of the players.

I started out as a Wolfen Psionicist Navigator, and have been extremely impressed with the degree to which the skills and spells follow that briefly outlined concept to develop a character with real situational depth. I am still learning the basics, and yet the occasional realization of some subtlety of the match of my abilities to a quest or campaign objective gives me a glimpse of why there is such a following, and why players do have such longevity.

By day I work in a Dilbert-like environment, on off days I cultivate beautiful things. That means that I am mostly active in the MUD as an appropriately nocturnal character.

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