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Places: The Dump (G)

The dump, where the people from the city drop their garbage. Through the garbage you can see a large junction of pipes, looks like the entrance to the sewer system. South of here you see the river and to the north is the common square. A rickety old bridge leads south to the promenade.

[Exits: north south west down]

A huge metallic thing that you don't want to mess with is here.

Welcome to The Dump. The halfway point between Recall and Places.Questor, 4s from recall to be exact. A friendly, if smelly, place where you can set a campfire, erect a tent, and enjoy your stay. To the west is The Midgaardian offices, clearly a perfect match in locations. The huge metallic bot in the center of the dump is the Incincerator Bot. Messing with him is not a good idea as he can destroy every mortal who attacks him. Also nestled in this smelly wasteland is PenguinGod Galoth. He seems to have taken up residence sometime in the late 90's and hasn't left since.

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