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Places: Identifier

Location: run 2s3e2ne from recall, or find identify while in Grand City of Aylor

Hester of Hester's Whoswhatzit allows you to identify the stats and attributes of any item you have for a cost in gold.

Skills and spells that do the same thing include Lore, the mage-only Identify, and psi-only Object Read.

Reading the sign at his store gives you the below information...

| |
| Welcome adventurer. Looking for a value in gold that any shopkeeper |
| can give you? Then you have come to the wrong place. However, are |
| you perhaps looking for the true value of an item? How useful it is |
| going to be to you? If so, I can tell you what you need to know |
| about your posession but there will, of course, be a small fee. |
| |
| How much work I have to do researching an item mostly depends on how |
| powerful that item is, and therefore, its level. I feel that we can |
| reach agreement on a price of 1 gold * the level of the item. |
| |
| Please clean up after yourself. I can't guarantee an item will be |
| useful! If you don't want it or it has no value, drop and sacrifice |
| it before you go. Help keep our city (and my study) clean! |
| |
| To make use of my services, simply make the sure the item is in | | your inventory (not worn), and type 'IDENTIFY <item>'. |
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