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Places: Healer

Aylor's Priestess or Healer is located north of recall. Healers have a list of several services they offer, but for a price.

Type 'heal' for a list of services at any healer:

  A Benevolent Priestess can offer the following spells:
    light    : cure light wounds         10 gold
    serious  : cure serious wounds       50 gold
    critical : cure critical wounds     100 gold
    heal     : healing spell            200 gold
    refresh  : restore movement          10 gold
    mana     : restore mana             100 gold
    blind    : cure blindness            15 gold
    disease  : cure disease              50 gold
    poison   : cure poison               25 gold
    uncurse  : remove curse              50 gold
    dissolve : remove web       level * 100 gold
  Type heal <type> to choose a service.

There are many duplicate healers found throughout the MUD in player manors, at the Aardwolf Plaza Hotel, and clanhalls, and all healers offer the same exact services. However the important thing to note with healers is their spells are based on the level of the healer. The one north of recall is not max level, but the one in the AardHotel is. As well as most of the healers in open clan halls.

Clan Healers

(as of 10/13 -- Clan locations may move without notice.)

ClanDirections from RecallHealer
Gaardian4swnThe Restroom Attendant
Seekers8sunwAdept of Knowledge
Tanelorn8se2swuwPhysical Spirit of Tanelorn
Watchmen6suswDruid Lillianrill
BardwnThe Cloak Room Attendant
Light22sdMaster of Pain
ChaossuMagic from a chaos guard
ShadokilHidden!a Guardian of the Shadows
Dragons3dThe High Priestess of Vorel
Touchstone13s5endedsesExpedition Medic
HookBuried!A Grizzled Pirate
Druid13s4e5s2uAmariel Goldenhair
RetriHidden!The Vengeful Wrath of Taboo
Perdition6sdseA Chambermaid
Bootu12nu3nLieutenant Pixie
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