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Newbieclans: Join


Joining a clan is not an easy thing on Aardwolf. You will have to match the requirements of the clan and get through an interview process before you are recruited into a clan. Here is some helpful information about this topic.

Reminder: It is not possible to create clans on Aardwolf. The last new clan was created in 2011. Should new clan applications be opened in the future, it will be announced on board Announce.

Choosing a clan     (Back to top)

Type clist to see a list of all the clans. The first choice you have to make is to decide whether you want to go into a PK (Player Killing) clan, or a NOPK clan. Once you've decided, be careful about the last column. A Y means the clan is NOPK. Read help PK to know more about the PK system on Aardwolf.

How to use CLIST :

- Minimum Level : This column displays the minimum level you should have to join the clan. Be careful, this requirement is the first of them, most clans require lots more in order to join.
- Short : This is the "short name" of the clan, it's the name you use to search for other information.

Once you've found a clan that accepts people at your level, type help <short name> to read about their theme. If you like the theme of the clan, the next step is to check their website. To find the URL of their website, you can "claninfo <short name>". Once on their website, make sure they're open to applications! Lots of clans are open to new applicants for short periods of time; you may want to check board ClanInfo on the mud on a regular basis. Once you're on the website, be sure to read the detailed requirements. Most clans require some quest points gained, and lots of them will ask you for special requirements, for example:

- a minimum number of campaigns completed
- some warfare wins
- some % of the mud explored
- a certain number of remorts
- a certain task to be completed, specific to the clan

How to join the clan you've chosen     (Back to top)

Actually, this depends on the clan. For the vast majority, you'll need to contact the members of the clan, and talk to them. They will explain the process for joining their clan, check if you actually meet their requirements, and if everything is ok, you'll be asked to post an application note. To find members of the clan, use "who <short name>".

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