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NewbieInfo: NewbieMistakes

Veteran Aardwolf Players got together and compiled a list of mistakes they'd made as newbies that they hope no newbie will ever have to repeat! Below is the list, hopefully it will help :)

A List of Things to NOT do in Aardwolf:

        Instead of sitting at level 1 try this: . Just do one campaign per day minimum... you get bonus quest points for the first 
        campaign done every day. Also if you get trivia point campaigns with your daily blessing, do them! Be sure to campaign and level 
        up when you get double trains for leveling. Lastly, quest whenever possible. This method helps to maximize gains while reducing 
        active time spent.

Special thanks to Kateshei, Hwuaijijal, Flip, Dexter, Fiain, Mendaloth, Ylar, Grimmjo, Asterax, Alcor, Tyebald, Redryn, Lasher, Anaristos, Nuanse, Etzli, Dalcia, Elchanan, and Baurus for contributing!

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