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Q: I am new and lost. Where do I start?
A: First, read help newhelp and type read newguide to study your newbie guide. Then look at the room you are currently in. A newly created character will always start in Outside the Aylorian Academy(G) in the area of the Academy. Going north from that room will take you toward our highly-regarded MUD school, just look for the recruiter and watch for what he has to say. If you have moved away from that room, type recall and go up. Look at the room descriptions and signs carefully and follow instructions to learn how to train, perform in combat, and use shops.

Q: I'm in the Academy and I don't know what to do to continue...?
A: Help Academy has a list of helpful commands, but normally restart or replay will kick the mob back into action.

Q: Where can I get a newbie bag or a starter kit?
A: To load basic equipment, type outfit. This command only works for characters of level five and below. To get a clan sponsored newbie bag that contains a full set of equipment, type who crusader active, and if you find someone, send them a tell.

Q: How do I find equipment to wear?
A: You can either get equipment by killing mobs or buying items from shops. To locate a piece of equipment that's best suitable for your build, check out the information on this page.

Q: Where do I train and practice after completing the Academy?
A: At your class guild. You are automatically a member of the guild for your primary class. Type runto <classname> in order to reach the guild of your primary class. You will find a trainer at the end of your runto.

Q: Where do I go to kill mobs after the Academy?
A: The Mobdeaths command is your best friend. See help mobdeaths.

Q: Where do I sell stuff?
A: Shopkeepers will buy the same kind of merchandize that they sell. To find a shopkeeper who will buy a wider variety of goods, try clan shops. For more information, see help sell.

Q: Can someone give me a spellup?
A: Please do not ask this on the newbie channel. Everyone on the newbie channel is either a newbie or a helper. Newbies don't have powerful spells to provide you, and helpers are not allowed to. Please ask on barter or gossip for one.

Q: Where do I find speedwalks and maps?
A: See help www for a list of websites where you can find Aardwolf related resources.

Q: What stats should I train?
A: Read help <class name> to see what your primary and secondary stats are. As a newbie, you should always maximize your primary and secondary stats, and use the remaining training sessions to balance out all the other stats. Do not train hp, mana, or moves.

Q: Can I get a corpse retrieval?
A: Certainly. Ask on the newbie channel. :)

Q: How do I retrieve my stuff from my corpse?
A: Type get all corpse when you are at your corpse. Type wear all to quickly wear items in your inventory after retrieving them. If your corpse does not disintegrate after typing get all corpse, try typing wear all and then get all corpse again. This is the result of your corpse being too heavy to carry all the items at once. It is also a good idea to have a detect invis potion quaffed before retrieving your items, since you will not be able to get back invisible items unless you can see them.

Q: Where do I get food and drink?
A: There's a fountain in the Academy Courtyard where you can obtain a drink. You can also try fountains at clan halls. They usually contain milk or some sort juice, which generally satisfy some percentage of hunger and thirst at the same time.

Q: I die a lot. What should I do?
A: See help flee, help wimpy, and help consider.

Q: What's the fastest way to regen?
A: Sleep at a healer on a piece of furniture. A good place would be the Bard's clan hall: go west, then north from recall. Type sleep bench for a quick recovery, plus you'll get some basic spells from the healer there for free!

Q: Where do you get a garbage can and what does it do?
A: A garbage can is a portal to Aylor, which is the recall point for unclanned players. It's better than using the Recall command, because portals don't cost you movement points. You can get a garbage can from the Garbage mob in Lowlands Paradise, which has a maximum level lock of 10. If you are above level 10, you can ask to buy one on the barter channel. If you complete the Academy, you will receive your very own, very special level 1 Aylorian Portal which brings you back to the Academy (recall is just 1d from where the portal lands) any time you wish.

Q: How do you use a portal, like a garbage can?
A: See help enter.

Q: My screen is so spammy. How do I stop that?
A: See help spamreduce.

Q: This mob is immune to EVERYTHING! What can I do?
A: You can try searching on a site with an equipment search, such as Aardfaqs's: in order to find weapons with damage types that you are currently missing. If you find a weapon with a changing flag (check out: help weapon flags), then as you attack with such a weapon it will go through all the damage types until you find the mob's vulnerability.

Q: I'm trying to social someone but a skill is overriding it. What do I do?
A: Using * before a command causes it to default to a social.

Q: I'm having a problem with my client, is there a forum for this?
A: Try the tech channel first in order to ask a basic question. Post a note in the tech forum for a more involved issue.

Q: Do I need a client to play Aardwolf?
A: Technically, no. However, Aardwolf is a complex game and having a client is a definite plus. The Aardwolf version of MUSHclient is highly recommended:

Q: Is botting legal here?
A: No. help policies7 explains the parameters.

Q: Is multi-playing legal? Can I have a mule character?
A: No. You are allowed to have alts (alternative characters) but they CANNOT INTERACT in any way. This includes passing items through a third party. More info in help policies2.

Q: Help! I cannot find the mob for my quest :(
A: try checking a map, Aard's wiki page lists links to the various clan websites, so do check it out :) - Quests will list the area name and the room name, so once you load the map for the area, simply look for the right room.

Q: Help! I cannot find the mob for my campaign :(
A: Try using the where command on the mob, once in the area. This will show you the room name of the mob, and then follow the same steps as quests :)

Q: My campaign mob does not show up using where! Does this mean I must search every room?
A: Not necessarily. First use campaign check in order to make certain that the mob isn't dead, in which case this would be indicated on that list. Next, ensure that you have the spells detect hidden and detect invis active, in order to be able to where such mobs. Finally, after checking all of these things, there are a very small percentage of mobs in the game that have the nowhere flag, in which case you will be unable to where them and will have to search for them. Players have created public databases of mobs so that a new player can perform a search for them if they are truly stumped. Check out help www in order to find one. may also be useful in this scenario.

Q: I killed my campaign target mob, but it does not register! Is this a bug?
A: There may be several different versions of your mob that have the same name (help mobkeys explains this in detail). Try using the hunt trick in order to find the correct one.

Q: I can't drop an item! What do I do?
A: If this is the case, then it is probably cursed - You can heal curse at any healer. Type heal for the complete list of options when at the healer. There is a weak healer north of recall, and one that is stronger if you run su from recall. Make certain that you did not at some point set the item to keep. Once you have the remove curse spell, then you can use this on your own items.

Q: What level should I buy Aard equipment?
A: The aardwiki has a good explanation on what levels to buy equipment, click here. Also, if you runto library from anywhere in The Grand City of Aylor, you will find the Aardgear textbook that you can purchase there to be a helpful read.

Q: I'm stuck in quicksand!
A: Help quicksand can provide you with a list of options regarding what to do in this scenario.

Q: I finished the Academy, got my reward and accidentally lost it :(
A: First, use the findowned command to make sure it is not lurking somewhere. Often players will place precious items in the lost and found, which is down and north of recall. If it is not there, then write a note to imm, using the personal forum, as it's possible someone else has picked it up. If it turns out your pin has been lost for good, you can purchase a new one for 5 trivia points from an immortal. Please note that owning two pins is illegal and such an action would result in confiscation of both.

Q: How do I get to Kimr's Farm?
A: Kimr's Farm is an area separate from The Grand City of Aylor that you can runto. To find the keyword for an area to runto, use the command areas keywords <areaname>. In this case we type areas keywords kimr's farm and find the keyword is farm. So we know now that from recall, we type runto farm.

Q: Why are there no speedwalks to Vidblain areas?
A: Because when one arrives in Vidblain, where the area is located, you land in a random location, so a speedwalk would almost never work. Check out help VI-vidblain for detailed help on Vidblain areas.

Q: Where can I buy water containers?
A: You can runto groceries in order to get a water container, but if you want a really good one, you will want to buy one that is for sale at a clan hall. I like the Seekers clan's water container, since it weighs nothing. To get there runto seekers and then appraise the items in their stores in order to find the drink container. The contents can be emptied at any time and you can then fill it at the fountain of your choice.

Q: How come all my attacks with my new weapon are missing?
A: This is often the case if you haven't practiced this particular weapon type yet.

Q: How do I get to the questor?
A: You can runto questor from anywhere in The Grand City of Aylor.

Q: How come many items at this store have an expiration timer on them?
A: Items sold to stores get an expiry timer added (while in store) to stop the shop from getting too cluttered with unwanted things. If you purchase the item, the timer is removed.

Q: Can I ever train past 160 stats?
A: Your max stats go up each level starting at 25. Consult help maxstats for more info.

Q: It's dark, where may I buy a torch?
A: If you are a Mage, Paladin, Ranger, or Cleric, once you obtain a light spell, you can use this to create your own light and wear it. Otherwise, you can runto groceries from anywhere in The Grand City of Aylor, and purchase yourself a torch from there. You may also request that someone auction a hallowed light if you are confident enough to use the barter channel. Once a hallowed light is up for auction, you simply bid <number> <amount>.

Q: Is there a way to slow down battles? Things go really quickly and I find myself getting hit a bunch of times before I can type out what I want to do.
A: No, but you don't have to type full words for most commands (type "k" for kill, for example) and you can also set up aliases to cut down on the typing. For instance: typing alias nn quaff heal could be useful if I want to use a heal potion every time I type nn.

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