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NewbieInfo: FAQ2

Q: I'm hungry, where can I get some food to eat?
A: You can buy some from Grizrol's grocery if you runto groceries from anywhere in The Grand City of Aylor. Or you can just drink from fountains which restore both hunger and thirst, such as the one in the Academy courtyard.

Q: How do I navigate Helegear Sea?
A: Check out this page

Q: How do i turn Paging off?
A: Type pagesize 0 but remember to turn paging back to a decent number of lines, if you intend to look at a really long list.

Q: How do you leave the sandstorm on the way to Sho'aram, Castle in the Sand?
A: The solution to this is to type exits while in the room with the sandstorm. This will reveal a custom exit for you to use, then you simply must type the command indicated in order to attain the next room. If a custom exit says that it is too dark to see, the solution to this would be to quaff a night vision potion (potsearch night vision to find one).

Q: How do you find quest targets?
A: The quest info command tells you the area AND the room name. Runto the area, then explore a bit to find the room or check a map in the Aardwiki.

Q: How do I find my classes at the Aylorian Academy?
A: Type find all while in the Aylorian Academy area (if you have wandered out of it, type recall then type up in order to return to it). Find all will give you a list of keywords for the classes at the Aylorian Academy. Then use runto <keyword> in order to get to your class. For instance, runto basic will get you to Basic Training Lessons.

Q: How do I send a private message/mail to a player?
A: As long as an online player is visible to you, you can type tell <playername> and follow that with your message. If you can not see them, you may need to purchase a detect potion. If someone who is not visible to you sends you a tell, you can use the reply command to reply <playername> and then your message will get to them. If the player vistos you, then you will always be able to see them and send them tells. If you want to send mail to a player, type forum personal, then after you hit enter type note write <playername>.

Q: How do I shake Bob, the petstore manager's hand?
A: With a social. Type socials shake for a list of all the socials with shake in them. Type shelp <socialname> to show the social's complete output.

Q: Should I use a shield or dual a weapon?
A: One takes 15% less damage when using a shield, but obviously does more damage when dual wielding. Therefore, generally folks will dual wield unless going up against a very strong opponent.

Q: What do all the little symbols on my map mean?
A: Check out help map and help sectors.

Q: I'm using MUSHclient - how do I move my chats out of my main window and have them only display in my communication log?
A: Either type chats echo off or right click on your communication log and check out the options under Echo Channels in Main Window.

Q: Where exactly do you spend Quest Points?
A: At a questor (type quest list), at Vira for wishes, on rauction, at a trainer for potential or masteries. Check out help quest points.

Q: When will I lose the newbie channel?
A: After playing for 300 hours or once your character becomes a superhero(ine).

Q: How often will a Global Quest be called in my level range? I never see one!
A: The easiest way to understand the way GQ ranges are called is to type gq ranges...that lists each range that exists, and whether or not it has been called in this cycle GQ starts 10 mins after the last one finishes, and it's random out of all the as-yet-uncalled ones in that list.

Q: What's the difference between resistance effects and save effects on items?
A: Check out help saves, help newsaves and help resists... basically one is damage, and the other is spell effects.

Q: I have an item in my inventory that I can't find the keyword for. I want to get rid of it, what do I do?
A: Type invdata ansi. The series of numbers that you will see before the item's name is like its serial code, and is automatically a unique keyword for the item. Therefore, if you enter drop <invdata #> you will drop the item just like if you entered one of its keywords. Or you could identify it using this number to find what the mysteriously elusive keyword happens to be!

Q: When I try to runto an area, I get disconnected. Is there any way to fix this?
A: You will want to look up and possibly toggle certain map commands such as maprun and automap.

Q: How do I see a list of my current affects?
A: Use the aflags command.

Q: In MUSHclient, how do I make it so that the command I type does not disappear after I hit enter?
Use alt+enter, then click on auto-repeat command.

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